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My kids learned the joy of board sports today

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My son learned to wakeboard, my daughter tore it up on the kneeboard and wants to try wakeboard next time out :clap:

at the end of the day they both said the tube was kinda boring now :yahoo: A huge bonus was the weather and only 3 other boats on the water and they were fishing :thumbup:



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I wish my daughter had the stones that I had as a kid... She's afraid to try the wakeboard (8yrs) :cry:

Good for yours!!!

my daughter is 12 and finally wants to do it after seeing lil bro.

He just turned 7 hopefully he'll stick with it. Wish i learned at his age instead of 30 :lol:

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My 8 and 9 year old daughters have really got into wakeboarding this year now with the Malibu, they could do it before the last couple of years but pretty much just rode back there. They had preferred tubing but now I dont even bring the tube, my rear post is jammed and I havent bothered to fix it so I dont have to bring the tube anymore.

Funny thing now is I see people pulling tubes while I am trying to wakeboard or pull my kids and you realize what little boat etiquette they have and how one tuber can ruin water that 4 boats could wakeboard on.

My oldest landed her first wake to wake a few weeks ago ( I did pull the rope in about 8 feet). Youngest is now jumping a foot or two in the air heelside. I need to figure out how to post some videos

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Sweet! Keep 'em at it. My oldest (now 11) thought it was OK, kinda fun. Then in summer of '09 a few neighbor girls were in the boat. Talk about motivation. I'm still working on his little brother. Our little girl (4) can't get enough of the skimmer.

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Awesome thread. If the kids stick with it at that age they will be throwing some killer tricks by the time they hit high school! Rockon.gif

Tubes are for those who can't do a watersport that requires skill! LOL.gif Our boat doesn't carry one!

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Can't sell the boat now :)

Thats what my wife said :lol: We'll see the kids were all about traveling before but know they're on the fence :dontknow:

Its awesome to hear all the young ones getting into water sports :thumbup: I cant wait until i can ride side by side with them :yahoo: Its been my dream since we saw a father and son riding at Bullards Bar something about it is just very cool imo.

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Badger, that is the age mine were when they first learned to Wakeboard 5 and barely 7. It helps if you have an adult in the water with them helping them get the board turned and pop out of the water. Sort of like when they are young and you teach them to kneeboard by putting them on the board and holding them until the boat takes off

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