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Broken round storage latch


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I noticed the other day when I was locking up my boat that when I lock one of my rear round storage latches I can turn it until the cam bar unlocks again. When the handle is locked, the entire black plastic assembly turns in place making it so I can turn the cam bar until it can be opened again. The whole time the silver handle is locked in place like it should be. Has anyone else had this problem? Can it be fixed or replaced? Also is it something I can do myself by ordering a replacement latch from Bakes or is there more to it?

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if it is like the latch on my '04 response then there is a very large nut on the back side of the latch.

i mean very large nut: wag 3"id.

remove that nut and the whole assembly slides out from the top.

add a bit of shim material under that nut and things should snug up again.

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If you decide you need a new one, you can get them at Bakes for $40 plus shipping. I also found one on ebay that looks like the one I have on my 04 VLX, not sure if yours is the same, but it is $25 plus shipping. Just do a search for "Perko latch".

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Thanks guys I see the ones on ebay too. I will try to take it apart and shim it up first. Yeah I am kind of puzzled because it used to work great and now all of a sudden the whole black plastic part just spins in place, like it got stripped or something. I guess there is no way to get it keyed if I have to replace it.

Thanks again for the help.

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If you can’t tighten it down just replace it. But keep in mind it’s only minimum security. It will only keep honest people honest.

:plus1: If someone wants in there bad enough, I'd rather they just open the hatch then put a pry bar to the vinyl lid and tear it all up. I never lock mine.

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:plus1: If someone wants in there bad enough, I'd rather they just open the hatch then put a pry bar to the vinyl lid and tear it all up. I never lock mine.

Man you are right. I have owned jeeps my whole life and I usually just leave it open because if they want in bad enough they will cause a lot of damage cutting the top or breaking the console.

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