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Wakeboard recommendations


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Was curious if any crew members had any good suggestions. To be honest I bought my Malibu to wakesurf. I had a hydroslide wakeboard just to play around with and try it out. Now at the end of the first summer I really enjoy wakeboarding. But I feel like my current board (hydroslide black widow) is probably holding me back a little. With no side fins on it I have to leave the huge center fins in and I cant spin that well with it except for off the lip a bit.

I am 39 and dont really intend to ever flip or do huge spins. I want to keep my knees intact so I dont even wear my boots tight at all but these cheap boots are now too loose. I can wake to wake heelside and turn switch and do a heelside front side 180 that is it. I dont want a real aggressive board that will cause me many caught edges and slamming falls . I just want to play around back there, ride some switch, maybe learn W2W toeside. Maybe a heelside method or toe grab. What are some good intermediate boards that would suit me. To be honest I need the boot upgrade as much as the board, my boots are stretched a bit and are starting to come off too easily.

I am currently looking at a liquid Force trip 142 with domain boots( I weigh 185, and my hydroslide board is a 142)

anyone have this board or have any other ideas


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For soft landings check out the Slingshot boards - either a 142 Response or 142 Recoil for you. I want to keep my knees for awhile. I have a 142 Recoil along with SS D3 boots. I have loved the board, but I have been disappointed in how the boots have held up. They were awesome when I got them and have really liked them, but they are falling apart. I gave my old closed toe Watsons to my son in law, and they are still going strong. I understand that SS never released 2010 boots due to problems with them and are supposed to have improved product for 2011 coming out. So, highly recommend the board, especially for softer landings, but would take a wait and see approach on their boots. You can of course use other boots on the SS boards, such as the LF Watson. I would give the Ronix Reliks a good look too.

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Second Slingshot boards. I ride a Response 142 or Recoil 138 and have been very pleased. Try the Slingshot PB Floyd boots. You can probably buy a pair of last years online for a good price and mine have held up well going thru 2nd season.

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I too am looking for an upgrade. I bought a 2008 Hyperlite from boardstop after talking with the guy on the phone.. He was very helpful and knowing I was a total beginner he gave me some good advice and told me the board I had was a great beginner board..

I lost 35 pounds and got a little better so I was thinking about getting a little higher end board.. better pop, softer landings.. you know the deal. I tried a co-workers custom Byerly and though it felt a bit too out of control.

I am currently at a loss as to whether I need a better board or a maybe try wakesurfing.. I am not getting any younger.. :)

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If you are concerned about catching edges, I'd get a board with a soft rail, definitely not a slingshot. Also, I would find an older style (stretchy) binding that will release in a fall. I have a pair of LF Transits but normally ride my Ultra Suctions because the Transits give me concussions way more often. The new bindings are super comfy because they don't have the constant pressure of the stretch material, but you get worked much harder.

I personally love O'Brien boards. One guy we ride with let us try a Natural and now nearly everyone I know is riding it. Super easy board to ride and very fast. Fast is important because low drag = less work and you can ride much longer. There are very few boards I'd recommend without knowing anything about your style, I really don't think you can go wrong with the Natural (and it has a medium soft edge).

In case the edge softness thing doesn't make sense: A hard edge (no bevel) will grip the wake really well but also feel sketchy when sliding the board, a soft edge will feel very safe sliding and will not grip the wake as well. If you flatten off at the wake a soft edge is probably great but it won't have as much snap for load and release tricks and won't trip as hard for tantrums, etc. The slingshot is a good board, but it is meant to have a lot of snap and it has a very sharp edge - probably not what you're looking for.

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