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08 Monsoon EXT warranty question


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Hey guys, I have a 08 VLX with the monsoon, it started throwing a code a couple weeks ago about a sensor problem. It is saying that the post cat temp sensor is bad... called me dealer and they are saying that this is not covered under warranty becasue my boat is not used in California?? and that I don't need it. my question is why is it there if I don't need it? anybody else had this same experience?

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sounds like horse crap to me. But thats (JMHO)

+1, that ECM uses the feedback from that sensor to adjust appropriate engine parameters.

Also you bought that upgraded engine for reduced CO emissions during wakesurfing...not just to meet CA regs.


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If you haven't tried this, disconnect your batteries overnight or for about a half hour. The computer will reset and the faults might be gone (doesn't always work, but usually one of the first things you should try).

If that doesn't work, my understanding of it: Yes your boat is most likely under warranty from Indmar. What that means, you should be able to take it to any Indmar dealer and that dealer should be able to flash your ECM to update the firmware with current software or to simply clear the faults if your firmware is current.

Now why wouldn't a dealer want to do this for you? Or why might they want to charge you for it? Because they have to file paperwork with Indmar for a warranty claim in order for them to get paid for your service. Having had to do this twice myself, once with the dealer I bought the boat from new and once with another dealer in another state who happens to be a friend of a friend, I can tell you a couple things. The dealer I bought the boat new from updated the firmware and didn't charge me a penny. I'm guessing they sold the boat to me and it was something simple that only took 15 minutes so they didn't think much of it if Indmar would reject the claim, because they already made some money on me and wanted to keep me a happy customer for return business. Note: It would've taken more than 15 minutes, but they let me take it for a spin to get it up to operating temp and make sure the faults didn't come back instead of having a mechanic go out (I wanted to wait for the boat anyhow so I had absolutely no problem doing this - and yes I have a pretty cool dealer).

9 months later, the same fault came up even with the new firmware. And my boat was 5 1/2 hours from my dealer at it's fall/spring riding location. Luckily I have that friend of a friend who runs a Supra (Indmar motors too) shop on that lake and I was able to take it to him. He plugged it in, cleared the faults (didn't update the firmware as there wasn't an update)and I was on my way. He did tell me if I came back he'd probably have to charge me something. He basically didn't know if he would be reimbursed for the service and it didn't sound like it had anything to do with him being a Supra dealer as it was a warranty claim he'd file direct to Indmar. Then there's also the factor that even if he would get paid, till he does a 15 minute service and spends 5-10 minutes on paperwork to only get paid for 15 minutes at whatever warranty rate Indmar has for him, it may not be worth it to him. Now I am assuming some things here and I'm not saying it's right for a dealer to do this, but I understand it. And I have heard all of these companies have been tougher on warranty claims over the last few years.

On the why it is there if you don't need it question?

I was also told by that Supra dealer that the 2nd set of sensors are the ones that cause the faults. And they have been nothing but trouble from the beginning and you don't really need them. I'm just relaying what I've been told here, but if I remember correctly he said they eliminated those trouble sensors in the 2009 model year and there's now only one set of sensors on the CATs. I've never done a search on CAT sensors on here, but you might come accross a few things if you try a search as I'm sure a couple other people have had the same faults. Or maybe some one else can come on here and clear up any assumptions I've made.

Now what should you do? That's a tough one, there's a chance you're not gonna get that dealer to do a warranty claim on it. Did you buy the boat there? Do you have a relationship with them at all? I'm not saying this stuff should matter, because it totally shouldn't, unfortunately in this industry sometimes it does. At that point, you may have to shell out a couple dollars to have them check it or take it elsewhere.

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