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Where are my ballasts


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Noob here! Just bought a 2000 LSV escape and the owner(2nd) has never used the ballasts. He has one ballast bag out, and does not know anything about it. Where are the stock ballasts, if they come with them at all? The boat has an MLS switch, but I am scared to fill before I visually see a ballast bag. are they in the storage compartments, or are they built in to the hull?

Also it has an old speed control remote, and a foot pedal button. Is this an old perfect pass type thing?

My first wedge experience...whats up with the rooster tail when it is up/off? Made me want to take it off completely for cruising.

Any other issues with these boats?

Anyone surfing behind one? Can it be done?

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IIRC for your boat there's ballast in the center ski locker. When I ordered my boat I only wanted ballast in the center ski locker ... as I didn't want to give up storage in the rear lockers. I add weight back there as needed.

The rooster tail is a feature ... all kidding aside ... there is a certain speed you shouldn't exceed with the wedge down, once again IIRC it's 30 mph ... don't want to tear that puppy off.

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Your boat only has the one bag in the ski locker. That was in the early years of wakeboard boats. The term

"Wakesetter" for that year got you the wedge, tower and graphics. I can't help you with your speed control questions. This is my first inboard/ski boat and I love mine. You will need to buy alot of ballast for surfing and maybe even a better wakeboard wake. And if your going to be surfing much, consider a different prop. Good luck and congrats on your new boat. Here is a link on surfing. Use the search function on this site. There is alot of info on this site

My link

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Scared to fill the ballast? :crazy:

Have you pulled the hatch open in the floor by the driver's seat?

Or opened either rear compartment?

The foot pedal is interesting. How about a picture of it?

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What's the diff in the wakesetter, vs lsv?

Did you have any speed control?

Back then the term "wakesetter" was a moniker for a package that included the tower, wedge and MLS (Malibu Launch System). IIRC the center ski locker had a 500lbs sack and the rears were 200lbs above floor hard tanks as an option. If it were me I'd get fly high bags so you don't loose all your rear storage.

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On my 2000 we have a manual wedge and I increased the size of the bag in the front ski locker and I put bags in the rear lockers. I don't remember what size I put in the rears, but they were the biggest I could reasonably fit in there. We also carry 2-150lb 'bricks' (Fly-high, I think) that we can move around the boat. We have this big V-shaped bag that we put up in the bow rider area on top of the seats. Does pretty good. There have been times where a friend has brought a bag along with us and we just put it in the floor.

BTW....once at a tournament where we were "rafted" up together with a bunch of boats we discovered what a great bumper those 'bricks' made. Filled them about 1/4 full of water then inflated with air. Secured them with a rope thru the built in handles and threw them over the side. Just one more thing to help reduce the bangin around.

When I installed all the ballast pumps and hoses I 'teed' off the fill hoses with a valve set up and extra hoses so I can use the newly installed ballast pumps to fill all the extra bags we have.

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