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Removing the hoop boom on illusion XS

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Has anyone ever taken off the hoop that holds the ball for the rope off of the illusion XS tower? We have a low bridge to contend with and I just wonder how hard it is to remove it. Looks like just two long screws hold it on?

Couldn't get under this weekend because of it...Water level usually drops by now so it cuts off a good portion of the lake for us...

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You should have a long allen head tool (12" long) that came with the boat... it is a pain but doable... make sure to add anti-seize to the threads.

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When I store my boat for the winter I put it in a 7 foot garage and have to take off the loop. I always have someone handy to avoid dropping it and to relieve the tension. Also when you put it back on it doesn't just fit in place, you have to bend it a bit and the help of another is nice. I torque it to 50 lbs. I only have to take it off and put it on once a year which is plenty.

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Way easier to drop the tower to get under that bridge.

The tower is lowered, it still sticks up to far. Sounds like it is more involved than I was hoping for. I need to engineer a quick release somehow....

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  • 3 years later...

It's a 3/8" Allen bolt. I use a 12" T-handle wrench to remove the bolts.

Make sure you put a little anti-seize so you can re-torque the bolts. Also make sure the boat is on level ground when you install or the tower will squeak from being in a bind.

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I take mine off and reinstall everytime I use the boat, I store my boat in a seven foot garage. It's not that big of a deal to remove it, only takes a couple of minutes and yes be sure to use some anti-seize.

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  • 1 month later...

I am in the same boat as Water Junky, taking the rear hoop off every time I put in my garage. Only takes a couple of minutes with the specific allen wrench tool, and definetely use anti-sieze (stainless steel bolt and aluminum tower). Slight hand bump once bolt is backed out releases spring tension. Easier to remove hoop when tower is up, so bolts don't fall back down into threads. Easier to put back on when tower is down.

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