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Stutterd this weekend

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I think I may have felt what was a small loss of power under way this weekend. Crusing along at 22mph and it felt like we throttled back a tiny although I did not touch the throttle. Boat ran fine the rest of the day. We went out with about an 1/8 of a tank, but do not go far. Needless to say I will start having more gas in the tank in the future.

I am going to knock out the fuel system this weekend...please let me know if I am missing anything.

1.) Put a fuel pressure guage on it

2.) Siphon out all the old fuel I can

3.) Change both fuel filters

4.) Clean screen at lower end of fuel pump

5.) Fresh Mid Grade fuel from chevron and a can of sea foam to clean the system

6.) Recheck fuel pressure

I am also planning on replacing cap and rotor as well. May also repace kill switch. Impellar is new and already passed inspection.

What fuel pressure should I be looking for?

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dunno on the fuel pressure - my two cents on the fuel pump - it either works or doesn't. # 5 will probably do the trick - every couple tanks of fuel I throw in some seafoam... for peace of mind - install a new pump they aren't too expensive nor are they hard to change.

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I am going to do everything minus changing the fuel pump and give it a test run on Fri.

If problems persist and I have low or low and still unimproved fuel pressure, I will chage the fuel pump. I see that skidim has them for $260 and e basic marine has them for $179...anywhere else I should look

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Read this.

I think fuel pressure at idle is around 40 psi.


allright, I decided to get off my lazy butt, get out of my chair, walk to my closet, and open up this freakin' book.

Right here on good ole page 144 is all the fuel pressure readings you would need depending on what type of fuel system you have. If you have multi port injection (MPI) you want to see 35-47 psi. Unfortunately, it doesn't state if the low number is idle (probably) and the high number is max. fuel pressure (probably).

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Thanks for the info.

I am going to call the guys at Bakes Marine tomorrow and see if they can give me some brief guidance on what to look for in regards to fuel pressure. I just really want to flush this out so that were dead in the water one day.

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