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Steering Cable

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Steering has been getting heavier each time out for about a month so I figured I'd pull the old one to get the #'s off of to buy a new one. Well I disconnected both ends and attempted to remove the cable but the "nut" that is on the rudder end of the cable won't go through the hole (under the motor mount) and into the hollow stringer. What gives? Do I need to remove the whole raw water intake assembly so that I can rotate the cable further towards 90* (relative to the stringer) to get it through that dang little hole? Anyone know? Any help would be appreciated. :)

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When we took out our old cable this summer I had to get out a hack saw and cut it off because that nut with the long rod wouldn't come out (it wouldn't pull through from the steering wheels end) once it was cut off I tied on some rope and pulled it through. That way I could start at the steering wheel end and feed the new one through. It took me about 15 minutes to cut it with the hack saw. I would have used a power saw but I was just to scared to with sparks and all. Even though the hack saw ended up causing some sparks. The hardest part for us was feeding the new cable in because of the nut and rod. Good luck with this project!!! When my dad and I (mainly me) it was almost 100 out, I was up under the dash for a few hours and I ended up cutting part of the floor out to get a better angle Mad.gif Swear words were flying and I was bleeding and sweating all over Frustrated.gif But have fun! Biggrin.gif

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Gee, you make it sound so fun... Crazy.gif

The new cable is going to have that nut on it so it has to go through there. I was just looking for some tips. If the water intake assembly is in the way to get this one out, I think it will be in the way when putting the new one in... :( ...so I think I have my answer...though not the one I wanted. I was hoping someone had some magic trick to get it out painlessly. Biggrin.gif

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I know that this sounds dumb but the way that we finally got the cable in was by greasing it with motor oil Shocking.gif My grandpa had been telling my dad and I to do this from the start. But we just brushed it off and told him we didn't need any help. He is a really mechanically inclined person but he does thing a little white trash and sometimes really weird. After 3 days of monkeying with the cable my dad finally got fed up and grabbed a quart of oil poured it out on a rag and greased the cable near the nut and rod. On the next try is slid right through. Once it was all said and done my dad looked at me and said, "We never used the oil if grandpa asks!" Then he walked away muttering something about how he couldn't believe that my grandpa had been right. It was hilarious!!! :lol:

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I was able to pull the steering cable out of my sportster without having to "hack" into anything, although maybe they changed the size of the opening you are referring to from 1999 to 2000.

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...maybe they changed the size of the opening you are referring to from 1999 to 2000.

Doesn't seem like something that they would change. Do you remember having to do anything special to get it into the stringer? I'm going to go back out and look at it again now that I've calmed down a bit. I was getting a little peeved earlier. Biggrin.gif

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Mine was a quick remove/replace. I just used a rope/tape to pull the old one out with the new one being pulled behind it. It did not get hung up on anything. That is why I remember it as I expected to encounter something like you have.

Mine was a 99, as well.

Hoepfully someone can help him out!

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Mine was a quick remove/replace.

I'm thinking maybe they changed the thru-hull location because that is what's screwing me up. My thru-hull is basically right below the starter and prevents the steering cable from being able to swing over underneath the oilpan. Mad.gif I'm getting a little irritated again. I just disassembled my whole raw water intake / intake strainer / shut-off valve assembly and the thru hull itself sticks up far enough to cause problems. Mad.gif


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