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Tear in Vinyl

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Okay, so I invited a buddy out and to make the story really short, he ended up dropping his open (WTF!!!) keychain pocketknife on the top of the cushion in the bow. It is a super small puncture; maybe 1/4" long. Any idea how I can fix or keep this from getting worse?

And on a related note, any advice on how to keep guests, who are inexperienced boaters, from tearing up your boat? We already have a few scratches, this tear and a torn heat tube. I am about ready to ban everyone from my boat. :crazy:

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Get it repaired by a pro. It is inexpensive and will disappear. You can check with your dealer for who they use, or find a local Colorglo person.

That is kind of relative. It is inexpensive to say, a Ferrari, or a cruise to the Med. For that by itself $75 + a trip charge, but since you can just pull the cushion you can probably drop it off. I pulled my boat to that auto dealership where the guy was fixing cars so I avoide the trip charge. Still $355 for 4 really small cuts. One on the dash, and one on the edge of the hatch that were a little trickier and $$.

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I can get you a name and number of a guy that does really good work....not too expensive and he will come to you. Just need to know if you are in my area....Seattle.

Keeping inexperienced boaters from buggering up your boat is tough! I have found if you watch what they bring on the boat and give them a good orientation on use and rules it keeps most of the damage to minium:)

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My standard reply: Go to a hotrod meet. All of the guys born in the 1940's and 1950's showing their cars live and breath for the opportunity to share their knowledge with the spectators.

The hotrodders know where to get quality work done at the best price. This goes for upholstery, waxing, polishing (not the same thing), detailing tricks, engine rebuilds, fibreglass work (Corvette guys), welding, brakes, tires, cooling systems (tow rig), and so forth.

You may even have a good time, listening to the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.

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I would say go with a pro. Got a couple of mine fixed for only $40. They like cash better if you find a good guy. :) As far as banning people from the boat, I get the same frustration sometimes but it all goes away when you teach a bunch of kids how to wakeboard for the first time, or watch a 50 year old get up on a slalom ski. Scratches and cuts can be fixed, but memories last forever. I grew up on a lake and thankful for people with the patience to teach me proper etiquette for being on a boat. Without them, I would not have the memories I do now.

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Follow up with John on this. There used to be a guy who did repairs on Sammamish for like $35 or $40 per cut, did a good job & did it sitting in my boat slip. Follow up with Bakes & the local MC dealer too. I'm sure they have someone who does it all the time. :rockon:

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Have your friend pay for the fix too...

Plus1.gif Absolutely, that way he'll earn his way back into the boat and he'll probably be alot more careful next time realizing 1/4" can cost $50

After all at

$50 per 1/4"

$200 per inch

$2400 per foot

you ahve a 23 foot boat

thats $2400 x 23

= $55 200

Not a bad estimate at all.

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One idea on how to stop people from tearing up your boat is to have them all put down a $50 deposit each and only refunded upon inspection haha.

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or you can buy a metal detector and do a screening before they get on the boat. lol. And who came up with the stupid idea to put bottle openers on the bottom of sandals? I would like to slap that guy.

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or you can buy a metal detector and do a screening before they get on the boat. lol. And who came up with the stupid idea to put bottle openers on the bottom of sandals? I would like to slap that guy.

Hehe, I've had a couple pair of those Reefs & love'em. But I gotta say, I don't use the bottle opener much (on MY beer) after I've been walking around on the beach covered in goose poop. :Doh:

And while I will jump in the boat with them on, I don't walk on the interior at all, and I've never had them do any damage at all. :unsure:

The biggest offender is usually wakeboard fins & SkySki wings.

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