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What Trailer do I have?


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I have a 96 RLX that I bought used 2 seasons ago in Ohio. It has a single axle trailer with a UFP coupler and surge drum brakes. The manufacture's sticker has lost all of its print (It is now just a shiny metallic sticker). It looks like the manufacture's name could have started with the letter E from what is left of the sticker. There are no other markings to ID the manufacture.

I need to get parts to rebuild the brake system and I think that I will need the manufacture to get the right parts. It must be a standard trailer. The Malibu was probably made in the midwest and the trailer was probably a local source. Does anyone have a similar configured trailer?

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Also potentially an Elete. Although I would certainly hope for your sake that it's an Extreme or Eagle instead. Elete is out of business and their trailers weren't that great.


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Also potentially an Elete.  Although I would certainly hope for your sake that it's an Extreme or Eagle instead.  Elete is out of business and their trailers weren't that great.


that is a huge understatement. I have an Elete and it is a TOTAL POS. I use mine twice a year and it is only 5 years old, completely falling apart...

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The make of the trailer is not going to be needed to find your parts. Most of them use the same parts. What I would do is take of the parts that you need and head down to your local trailer shop or Napa to have them find your parts.

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if UFP means the flat squared off thing in the front, then my ELETE has UFP too. There is also the Elite brand (notice i vs e). those supposedly are pretty good.

but I agree with d-goose, you should be able to get parts locally. I just pulled the drum brakes off mine (totally rusted out even though always thouroughly cleaned), and they look standard to me.

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Elete went through a variety of couplers, so don't go by that, post us a pic of the fenders, under the boat with the bunks, and the coupler and we'll be able to find out what the make is. Or just call the dealer the boat originated from.


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Ive always heard/seen paint problems and the trailer rusting through or the paint falling off. Besides that I don't like the low ride (scrapes EVERYWHERE), wimpy prop gaurd (bends), and some of them don't track very well. I've never had trouble loading or unloading with these trailers though...

That being said I've had two elete trailers with no problems so far, we'll see what happens.


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OK, yeah, I do have some paint issues. Low ride height though? I thought mine was high. It was difficult for me to find a tower that would fit under my garage door folded down, even though they work for others on the same boat. I just figured my trailer was higher.

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...wimpy prop gaurd (bends)...

Boy that's the truth - one the biggest differences between the Elete and the BoatMate. If you look at the pic I posted above, you can see the guard at the back on the Elete - nothing more than flat stock (maybe 1/4" x 2") hanging down from the frame of the trailer. By comparison, check out the guard on my BoatMate:


The other thing I noticed is how much the Elete trailer flexed (fore/aft) without the boat on it. Seemed to flex like a diving board. My BoatMate trailer is much more rigid.

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The prop guard sucked.

The paint sucked.

And the tube the winch was attached to (sorry, don't know the official name) wasn't even welded in place - it was adjustable.

Huh? A "custom" trailer that is adjustable? What's up with that?

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MoodDawg - I have a 97 Response I purchased from used from up in Michigan last summer. The boat came with an Elete trailer with a UFP coupler. The coupler I have is made by Atwood, still in business.

I had problems with the coupler and I was able to order parts from this company.


They specialize in boat trailers. I'd recommend them to anyone.

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I made it out to the lake house this weekend but it was late at night so still no pics of the trailer to post. I poked around with a flashlight and found another sticker that was pretty faded but appears to have the words Electra.

Was there ever a trailer mfg named Electra?

This might have been a manufacturer, distributor or mabye the last owner of the boat was a fan of Carmen Electra.

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Given your location, I would have expected an Elete trailer.  But I didn't think Elete used a UFP coupler.  Does your trailer look like this?  If so, my condolences...

That looks like my Sportster trailer which I thought was a Performance Trailer.

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