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87 skier switches

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My bilge quit working the other day so I checked the switch and found that it is dead (I checked the resistance between both ends when the switch was open and closed and found there was no circuit). I checked a few local places and got the answer I expected: GO TO THE DEALER. Anyone know where I can get the switch or even if Malibu is still selling that switch?

Thanks, Travis

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Boy, not sure where to find the old push/pull dash switches. Mine are all still kicking so I haven't had to replace one yet. If we knew who made them you could probably search for them online. I've never seen one of the older Skier switches on ebay when browsing Malibu parts. You always see the MUX switches. I guess there isn't anything from updating the whole dash to the newer style switches other than the fear of taking a blade to the dash! Whistling.gif

If you pull the knob off and measure the shaft size you might be able to come up with something like this....


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I don't have a good answer for you unfortunately, but I applaud your efforts to find a solution here.

I also have one of these old boats and I appreciate any info that gets posted on here. So many of the Crew seem to be owners of really cool new boats and may not have the appreciation of what it takes to keep these fun older boats looking and running well.

One suggestion I do have is if you can post a picture of what your switch looks like on here, maybe someone will be able to match it up with a good replacement.

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You might try taking the switch apart and see if it just needs to cleaned. My horn stoped working and just needed to clean the corrosion off the contact points in the switch. The best luck I have had with NOS parts is Boat Country in Escalon Ca.

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I'm going to contact a dealer tomorrow and see what they can do before I go thinking about switching out all of them. I've seen similar switches on ebay but ebay stuff always worries me. Its usually cheap stuff.

I have some small pliers and I was thinking that I could pry up the tabs that hold the metal plate in the plastic housing but I tried working it in a little and retesting before possibly destroying it. For now I took the switch for the lights out and put that in for the bilge switch. I never run at night or near dusk so for now I'm okay to boat (as long as no picky cops come snooping around).

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