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Anyone use their Malibu for Parasailing? Do you ignore the warning decals, and/or where do you attach your line?

How much drag/force is a parasail?



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Mine has a harness that connects to the 2 transon eyes.

Not much drag - hardly go 5 mph when against the wind.

We did most of our "flights" into the wind cuz it was a plenty long ride.

Launched from a beach and landed in the water - after a few dips.

Used 400 and 600 ft of cable (3/4 inch poly rope).

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What an ad.

Coors Light Linda would be proud.

It was made by Chutes Over Texas - can't remember the size - haven't used it in a couple of years cuz our lake has been up so no beaches to launch from.

The size is rated for up to 15mph wind.

As riverrunner sez we use the seat and harness all the time as the now famous sling.

I would like to sell the sail.

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A friend of mine used to parasail behind their 1970's ski nautique but they stopped because it was just to dangerous to do it behind their boat. The last time they used it their pylon got ripped out of the boat.

When we were at Shasta a few years ago some friends of ours had one and they couldn't get people up for more then a few seconds and when they did the people usually fell pretty hard from 20 or so feet up. It didn't look like much fun. Unless you know what you are doing as the driver/operator I would think you would be better off just going behind a "real" parasailing boat with a trained crew/captin.

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lake texoma would be fun - it takes a cew of 5 to make it work right and even then one person gets really screwed by having to haul in 600 ft of rope and a wet heavy sail.

Never even thought of using the pylon - it came with a harness that attaches to the transon eyes and it also has a quick release at that point.

Introduction time:

Kat in the black - dates TJ

Linda in the pink - renamed Coors Light Linda so as not to be confused with Bud Light Linda or ex-wife Lynda

Yellow isn't a regular and I forgot her name - it'll come to me as soon as I hit enter I'm sure

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