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1998 response vs sunsetter


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I am looking for a family friendly boat with an open bow that will still be good for barefooting, slalom, and trick. None of us wakeboard and that seems to be what others are asking about. The two used listings I am looking at are both 1998. One is a Sunsetter LX and the other a Response LX. What is the difference between these two boats?

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If you will click on the tab above this post labeled "Resources/DIY" you will find an option to click called Specifications. That will give you basic specs on the two boats. Besides the size difference you will notice that the Response is on the Diamond hull and the Sunsetter is the wake hull. The Diamond hull will serve you better for the uses you have listed.

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i can tell ya that the sv23 diamond hull is the best i've ever skied behind.

our 99 sunsetter lxi gives us all we will ever need. lots of room and storage. wider beam than the response and longer.

might want to consider as ya get older the step over the windshield on the lx models isn't so much fun.

lxi models are the pass through and lx models are the step over.

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There are 4 in my my crew. A 1991 Sunsetter, my 1991 Spyder, a 2003 MC Prostar 197, and a 2004 Response LX /Monsoon 340hp.

The Response LX is the fastest out of the chute and will do approximately 44.5678 mph at 1946' ASL with 3 on board. Very responsive in turns and has a great wake. Nobody sits up front in the Response LX because it is a pain to get there and you may get wet . Works okay with up to 3 on board and one skiing.

The old Sunsetter with a 265 ? HP carb motor is more than adequate out of the chute, tracks fine through the course and makes the repeated turns at each end of the course just fine. It will seat 8 for cruising and although I drive it a lot I can only estimate the top speed around 40-41 with 3 on board at LBC. . The Sunsetter gets used more than any of the 4 boats. This is because when we have 4 or more the old Sunsetter is more comfortable with that load. Top speed does not matter because our most common speed is at 31.9876 mph :crazy: .

The MC 197 with a 310HP does approximately 42.3456mph + is great in the course and handles as good as the Response LX. The MC 197 has a tight walk through passage and we often have one person riding in front if we have 4 on board. The MC 197 is the best all around boat in the crew :whistle: and would be the equivalent of a Malibu Response LXI with the walk through. Works okay for up to 4 on board and one skiing.

NTYC: (not that you care) The old Spyder is the fastest boat at approximately 48.9123 mph, bimini top up, 3 on board. It has great hole shot but is terrible in the course because it requires constant effort to stay on line and maintain proper speed in the course. It has a very low wake and is great for free skiing. Works okay for 3 on board and one skiing.

We are veteran slalom free skiers but amateur buoy chasers. Wake Tower ? TINWB ! (There Is No Way Baby !) :lol: We generally take only one boat to the Sundance course at Lake Billy Chinook (43 miles away), towed by my Duramax with snug top canopy for gear. This is our most common day trip. LBC is 1946 feet above sea level and there is a small dock at one end of the course. We generally will have only 2 in the boat through the course, when towing.

We also have a 9 day waterski campout at our secret lake :rockon: . There is no course and we freeski in the morning and evening and float during the day. The old Spyder works great in this scenario, partly because it has a large bimini, and tracking perfectly through a course is not an issue. We will generally have one or two more on board towing here than at the course back home. We have 4 boats there and rafting up is a priority.

Bottom line: The Sunsetter has lots of room like a Suburban and does fine for course/recreation work. The Response LX has a smaller wake and handles like a sports car. The MC 197 is 80% Response LX and 20% Sunsetter. It is the best all around boat in the group except it has no bimini top.

Sunsetter is the best option for your family needs (price to value) unless you can find a deal on an MC 197 or Response LXI.

There are plenty around so you should be able to find one in great condition at a fair price.

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Thanks for all the great information. For the past fifteen years I have skied behind a ski nautique open bow so the walk over is fine with me and what I am used to. I love the nautique with one big exception. BAREFOOTING. It sounds like the response might be a good choice. We live on the lake so don't really need space to just hang out all day. We do that on the dock.

The asking price for the Response LX with the 325 hp indmar monsoon is $17,500. With cover, trailer, perfect pass, heater, and 390 hours. Is this a pretty fair price?

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