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PCM Ford 351

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Hello. I have an 86 Malibu Skier. It has a PCM Ford 351. It runs great. However, intial starting is hard. I think it is more me than anything. What is the best way to choke? Or how much gas should I give it prior to starting?

Also, when I gun it, the boat hesitates to almost a stall. I have it figured out, but I'm afraid anyone pulling me will stall it. Any advice is appreciated.

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I had a '90 351 pcm ford in my supra comp, probably the same motor more or less. Similar issues which ended up being a combination of two things, a poorly adjusted choke (that wasn't fully closed at cold) an accellerator pump that was way out of adjustment. (Mine had a holley carb, 600)

For starting, it was the choke. At cold, I had to loosen the 3 screws and rotate it a couple notches to tighten up the spring and ultimately close the flapper, re-tighten. Then get it running and watch how that flapper works from cold up to operating temp, it should be full open at operating temp. If there are any deposits around that mechanism or the flapper, whatever, it will impinge on its operation, need a can of carb cleaner in that case. <just re-read your post, do you have an electric choke? Mine did but if you're doesn't, I have no idea how you should adjust.)

For the hesitation, you need to see the accellerator pump squirting at the first hint of throttle movement, mine wasn't squirting until I was a little ways further into the throttle operation (nut was too loose / too much play). There's a cam that engages the lever, should be no extra play at idle.

Much smarter gear heads on this board than me though and I'm sure someone else will chime in with some better advice.

Even with it dialed in pretty well, I'd still have to give a little pump of the throttle before cranking and it would fire right up but still be maybe just a little tempermental until it warmed up a little bit.

I should also say, the rest of the basic components should be in good tune: points / condenser (unless you've converted to pointless), cap / rotor, timing set to spec, etc.

Good luck!

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When I cold start my boat I crank it for a few seconds to fill the carb, then I go wide open throttle, which should close the choke when properly set, and it also squirts some fuel through the accelerator pump into the carb. You could replace the fuel filter, sounds like it might be starving for fuel.

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It was the accelerator pump. It is a new carb and some flax was not scraped off and wouldn't allow enough fuel to get to the accelerator pump. Also adjusted the floats. The so called "jesus" clip is now lost but will get another one. Thanks for the advice!!

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