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Anybody in Ohio?

Scotty's Sporty

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When I bought the boat I never thought it would be a problem finding people to go, well believe me when I tell ya it is! Does anybody want to go?

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I'm in Ohio! but on the wrong side of the state. I'm in Toledo. I feel your pain in tring to find a crew sometimes. If you are ever in the north west part of the state and want a pull contact me or the glass city water ski club and we'll get ya on the water.

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I'm quite a ways away from you as well. I have heard there are some nice lakes over by you though and I've thought about checking them out. I will let you know if I ever get over there.

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I'm in Ohio, but down near Dayton. There are many Ohioans who go to Norris Lake in Tennessee, so of course you are welcome to join us! Welcome to the Crew!

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When I bought the boat I never thought it would be a problem finding people to go, well believe me when I tell ya it is! Does anybody want to go?

Hey there... just scouring the posts and saw there was someone in the Canton area. I just picked up a 2011 VTX and joined the Malibu club. My wife and I are moving back to the Akron/Canton area (building a house in Green) and are certainly going to be looking for people to ski/board with. I'd be interested in getting hooked up with the boating community in the Akron/Canton area. We lived there up until last year and really loved Berlin, Milton and Salt Fork lakes to go out on... and Portage for just putzing around.

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I'm on the north side of Columbus and usually boat on Alum Creek if anybody is in the neighborhood. That is of course, if it ever stops raining. And I never go out on weekends.

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I'm in Vermilion, Ohio and used to go to west branch (not on the weekends) This summer I'm planning to make a few trips down to Columbus, I wakeboard and surf and am looking for someone to trade pulls with. It would be much cheaper to drive my 45mpg car out to Akron one week to west branch or berlin and then the next week I could trailer my boat to west branch, or if anyone wants to come up to Vermilion from Columbus in a car without trailering their boat, we ride on the Huron river, and I would not have any problem going down to Columbus to trade pulls. Boat owners unite!

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Being an elderly boater I had the same problem 6 or 7 years ago. I had been a boater from age 6 and I towed my dad's boat for the first time when I was 16 in 1962. I have been a recreational water skier all of my life. As time went on our son moved away and we did not boat as much. I turned to travel trailer trash.

Then I met a guy who had a brand new MC ProStar 197 and he was in the same spot. I had a great pickup and he had a great boat. He was in a diliemma. He loved to ski the course and I never had. His wife did not want to go anymore. He taught me how to ski the course at age 57.

We invited as many friends as we thought of including non-boaters. Now , we are the nucleus of a half dozen or so boaters who had lost interest. One of the guests ended up buying a cherry 2004 Response LX with the Monsoon 340 after not having a boat for years.

What worked for us: Now, I do all of the towing. I take care of the truck and trailer and my friends only have to worry about their boat. I am their trailer chauffer service. Way efficient, there is nobody faster launching and retrieving because the work is divided. I pay for the diesel fuel (43 miles one way) and they pay for boat gas.

Find a friend who has a tow rig. Turn him into a boater / trailer chauffer. Pay for the gas. Stock the cooler, bring chips and cookies in your cooler to share but get a trailer chauffer. What is great is when the whole family comes along there is NO YELLING at the boat ramp. You've got it handled...............

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