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2001 waksetter lsv need help

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i purchased this boat from a dealer used about 3 months ago its a 01 lsv w a monsoon motor, they had pulled the motor to put a rear main seal in it the day before i bought it , it only had 180 hours so it has been sittin a while. well we have put bout 15 hours on it so far. the first prob i have noticed is some times when you put it in neutral it makes a grinding noise after a few seconds till the prop stops, its got me worried big time. i checked all the fluids and the bolts to make sure there tight , there good, my next problem is pissing me off last weekend we wakeboarded bout 2 hrs then we jumped in for a 45 min swim when i turned boat on it started sputtering, it ran for few seconds and died, i tried start it bout ten times and gave up,after we sat for 30 min i called a freind to tow me, when he got there it fired right up and ran perfect the rest of the day, it did the same crap today after few hours of boarding we went for a swim then it wouldnt start so some one started towin me in then it fired back up and ran great the rest of the day. i just filled the boat up this morning w fuel, when it does this it sound like its running off 3 cylinders, im hoping some one can help me out the closest malibu dealer is 2 hrs away and i cant live w out goin to the lake every weekend and im definitely not takin it to none of these redneck boat mechanics around here.

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vapor lock sounds like my problem cause we opened the back compartment to look over motor then it started, is the strut bushing greaseable. one of my friends said his mastercraft made a squealing noise from his bushing when he stopped, so im hopin thats all it is it seems like its getting worse the more we use it though

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Run a search on vapor lock for the running issue.

The grinding sound may be from the strut bushing.


Agree on the vapor lock. Can’t speak for the grinding unless you have gremlins.

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