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325 Monsoon Troubles

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'02 Monsoon, trouble free until now.

The last few times I've been out, the engine has momentarily cut off (I'm talking like less than 1/4 second) Almost like I turned the key off and on real fast. Guages recycle and I get the three beeps from the computer while engine briefly hesitates. Happens at all temps (warming up and at temp) and in all conditions (hitting a wave, and today was pure glass all over the lakes)

It did this four times today, twice last time, and once the time before (I don't like where this numerical sequence is going)

Connections on the lanyard switch seem ok, I pulled it out and looked at the connections at the rear last time out. (can these fail internally)

Connections behind key switch are apparently O.K

Any ideas where to start? I'm thinking of replacing the lanyard switch, then the keyswitch, then having the dealer take a look at the computer in that order. I feel it must be electrical (duh), but where would you start trying to isolate the trouble??

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RTS, I had a similar problem this spring. Disconnect/reconnect your cannon plug--starboard-stern of the motor. It is held in place with a worm clamp. Check that other electrical plugs in this area are connected securely.

That said, it could be your lanyard switch or neutral-safety on the tranny.

Just out of curiosity, did you perform any maintenance recently?

Hope you have a quick resolution. You see SkiAll6 lately?

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You see SkiAll6 lately?

Thanks. I'll check those connections.

Re: Skiall6. I became a member of the private club he is a member of, but prior to the season, he seems to have just disappeared. He hasn't posted here since right after this site got started. I don't know if someone made him mad or what. I was really looking forward to meeting him this summer. I have his cell phone number, and may give him a call sometime, but don't want to "stalk" him. If I'm not mistaken, you guys met last year, right?

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rts - That is where I would look also is that cannon plug. When you have it apart, gently spread the male ones apart to get better contact. A utility knife works good.

Also check the plug wire to the coil and to the cap, when you have the cap off look at it close to make sure there are no cracks. The lanyard will do this, but generally when they are new. It is not really a wearable part, but anything is possible.


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You see SkiAll6 lately?

Re: Skiall6. . .he seems to have just disappeared. He hasn't posted here since right after this site got started. If I'm not mistaken, you guys met last year, right?

I've been wondering what he's up to, because I haven't seen him post on here for such a long time. Yes, we met--He took my family out when we were down there in February. Great guy, gave us a waterway tour in his Response. Can you ask around at the club a bit? Feel free to PM or email me.

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rts - look for a loose ground or ignition wire.

- physically check the ground screws on the ground bus bar

- physically check the connection screw on the back of the ignition circuit breaker

I say physically since it might visually look good, but it'll be loose if you touch it.


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