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2005 vlx

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Just wanted to post my new vlx. I was able to shoot a few pictures this weekend and today and posted them on wsr as a ride so here is the link. Tell me what you think. I am going to try to get some led pictures and install pictures next time I am out.

Also for his sake, Steve (white vlx) helped me by custom designing my tower box last year for my 04 vlx. It worked so well I kept it for this year. I know he isn't making boxes right now, but if he does make sure you give him a call. I have dealt with Wet Box, Liquid Trend, and 80feetout and none come close to his quality.


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I have a great relationship with the dealer and give demos and run lessons for them so I am fortunate enough to get my boat fairly cheap, which allows me to load it up.

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Hard tanks. I took the overflow from the existing tank and attached it to the new tank, and then put an overflow from that Then for draining I teed the line out. It worked well and the rear tanks fill in pretty much the same time that it take the front.

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Setting up the fill seems simple, run the vent line into the new tank, and run a vent line out of the new tank to the existing thru hull. There are three ways to drain; one would be through gravity, let the water from the upper tank drain back into the lower tank as you hit the drain pump. A second way would be to add a pump and tee a line into the existing drain line. A third way would be to add another thru hull and a pump and drain straight out.

I guess for speed, you could add a bigger pump for filling if needed. I'd hope that others will chime in as to which way they would set this up.

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I already have it installed and the rear will drain faster than the front. I teed the drain so they both are draining at once and moved the pump from under the floor to just inside the boats stringer, in case I wanted a larger pump, but so far it has worked out well.

The reason I did not rely on gravity is because the way the fittings work on the new tank it would have left some residual water in the tank and also, from my tests the gravity of the upper tank still has it drain faster, which was my concern since I want all the support under her I can have (I did reinforce the floor with another sheet).

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I got a sheet of the floor paneling from my dealer and just doubled it up. I had to cut the new one a little so it would fit and not stick up too much, but it works well and since the lower tank fills first i have no worries.

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Why are you adding more ballast to the 05 VLX? The stock wake is awesome with the wedge. I got to hit it hard yesterday and it's as big as the 04 with 1800#. Just curious?

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I added it for ease when wakesufing and for days I want a little bigger wake.

You are right though, the stock (ballast and wedge) is larger than my 04 with stock, 1000 in lead and the wedge. I have not tried it for boarding with everything yet.

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It should, we have met and discussed the details and the current staff will remain and the owner will continue to help manage the place. Mainly I will buy into a partnership and then, over time will buy out the remaining stock.

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I've been down to Lake Wallenpaupack once - nice place. I'll probably come down there some time this summer again. The MC dealer down there is a friend of mine.

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Thats cool. I know him since he used to own a malibu and I have worked for/helped the malibu dealer for a long time (really had no choice, but that is a long story, lol). If you are coming down maybe I will catch you. Also I am trying to plan a malibu reunion with the boat shop for late july or early august.

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