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Will a 3 blade Prop smooth out the VTX rooster when Skiing?

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I purchased a VTX trying to find a boat that does it all. The wake is larger than I anticpated for skiing at 22" off, 15 off @ 34mph is not too bad. However 22" off @ 34mph is my fav. By placing a 3 blade prop on the VTX will that soften the center wake with out sacraficing too much wear on the motor when surfing?



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LL This question go's way past just asking about the number of blades. Dia, Pitch and cup will all play a big part and changing just one by a little bit can change your wake.

I'm no skier (as NorCalBu knows) but can tell you stories where people have had a prop having no wash at 35 off (what ever that is) :unsure: and 34mph but when at 30 off the prop wash and wake has changed.

JM2C but what I would do is call up Eric at OJ and Gary at ACME and talk to them about your needs. Please have specs of what prop you have now and conditions at different speeds and how many people are in the boat and what speed control you have. I'm sure they will be able to give you just the info you want.

Then when you feel you have picked just the right prop, buy it at a place that will allow you to try it before you buy it kind of deal. Yes both companies do or may offer that but not all vendors will honor it.

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I'm guessing that your VTX is on the wake hull. I have a 4 blade ACME on my VTX on a diamond hull, and I really dont have much of a rooster at all.

I haven't tried a 3 blade on my VTX, but on my Echelon I noticed a softer tail with a 4 blade vs 3 blade.

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Not the same boat but I would think that results would be similar. My Sportster LX originally had a 4 blade cast prop (13x14) on it and my buddy's identical Sporty has a 3 blade cast prop (13x12). The 4 blade gave a slightly softer wake than the 3 blade, no smaller just a little softer. When I dinged my 4 blade I got a CNC'd 3 blade (on the recommendation from Max at Skier-To-Skier). The CNC'd 3 blade prop (13x12) actually has more blade surface than the four blade and provides an even softer wake with less turbulence.

Max at Skier-To-Skier would be another person you could contact for a recommendation. They have great prices and outstanding customer service as well.

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