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fuel pump fuse prob

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so i have not run my boat in a week, the longest break we've had from it all summer (good summer! 120 hrs) we go out drop the boat in the water and turn it over. it catches, i let off the key, and then it dies. i wait a moment, and try to restart and it just turns over. i wait a minute, realize that i smell gas (flooded) then wait a few more minutes. try again, and nothing, just turns over. one time earlier in the summer we ran dry (gauge said quarter tank) and in trying to start it the fuel pump overheated, and blew the fuse (one of the three pack on the back of the engine) we eventually figured out the the pump was not making any noise even after we put in gas and figured it out. the boat has run perfect since then. tonight went it wouldn't catch i noticed there was no pump noise and it checked the fuse, sure enough gone. replaced it, cycled the key, the pump pumped, the boat start then died, fuse gone again, tried again last fuse, pump cycled, then blew. any ideas?

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The pump may have a short in it or go with a bigger fuse. (JK)

I'm haveing a hard time with the fact that you smell gas (flooded) but will not start. That to me would be a spark. Do you know what else that fuse feeds? I'm thinking you may have wire shorting out some were else.

Try this. with the fuse out, crank over the eng and see if you get spark. I could guess all day at what it could be but need some of your help.

Good luck.

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blowing the fuse like that definitely sounds like it is shorting somewhere ... its an 03 so can you get it looked at on warranty, sometimes electrical bugs like that can be a beeach to figure out yourself ... if it is not under warranty I would start tracing the wire back from the fuse and see if you find something nicked.

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the smell was only the first time, not the other times. but it think i have figured it out. when i took the half inch in feed to the pump off at the bottom of the pump, to see that i had gas there, i did. gas was right at the end of the hose, filled up. but what surprised me was that it did not gush out. the last time i checked it i had to put my finger on the end to keep it from spilling all over the bilge. this time, only a few drips. Punchline: i think the fuel filter is plugged and the pump is sucking too hard, blowing the fuse. thats a pretty sensitive fuse though. we'll see, new filter tomorrow for the 76 degree weekend in canada in october. global warming baby! took the floor apart to get at the filter already, what a pain, should be in a better spot.

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there was only one filter on the xti, a half inch inline filter. the top of the tank had the check ball, and i took it out and made sure it was ok. there might be a hidden filter in the engine somewhere, but i looked and could not find it. the filter seemed to do the trick, and the thing runs now.

thanks for the help

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