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How much did you pay for your cover?


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I'm just wondering what you folks paid for either the stock Malibu cover or an aftermarket cover. My local dealer says $1,100 for a cover made by a local shop. Seems kind of steep.

Is that a normal price, or should I look elsewhere to get a cover?

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$1100 for a cover, it must have gold thread? Custom Sunbrella with the cutouts for the tower $650 from Ski Boat Covers. Third cover I've owen from them. The first two where yellow. #1 was 9 years old and looked great when the boat was sold. #2 was 5 years old and look new when the boat was sold.

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Holy cow! Glad I asked before I bought. Obvisouly these folks must be splitting some of the rake with the shop that makes them. I think I'll look elsewhere. Thanks!

I need a cover that will do well for a boat moored on the water during the summer and parked outside during the winter. Is the Malibu, Rankin, or Ski Boat Cover best equipped for that kind of duty? Easy fit with Illusion tower down a must.

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Rankin's claim to fame is trailering. We've put well over 1,000 miles trailering around this year and it is drum-tight.

It should also work very well for mooring as it has a very tight fit to the rub-rail.

If you decide on a Rankin, I recommend going to them directly (www.rankincovers.com). You'll get the best available pricing that way...many dealers mark them up to the $1,100 - $1,200 range.



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We got our cover (06 vlx) for $650 (snaps under rub rail-trailerable). That cover you mentioned must have a special device in it that turns the rainy days into sunny days!

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Had a custom cover made locally this year for my RLXi. Full cockpit, bow tonneau & matching cover for bimini cost me just under $1000. It's Sunbrella, snaps below the rubrail all the way around, velcro'd flaps for the popup cleats & cutouts for the bimini supports (no tower). It's a beautiful piece of work- tows with no problems at highway speeds, is tight as a drum & no leaks. I've seen people pay more for lesser quality, so I felt this was a good deal. Without all the custom details, I'd have expected to pay about $250 less.

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Who knows what mine is? Bought the boat used and it had a cover. Still works great although not the best in towing ( I learned after the fact). Have had it repaired (some dumb shyte thought he could put it on the trailer without completly removing it from the bow -- NOT!) by the canvas lady who said it's a great cover and can be repaired if needed many times before even considering a new one.

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I have a Rankin, keep it on the boat on the lift if I'm not in it. I have towed with it. In all honesty, I'll not buy another one. I think this cover would be the best one IF they had the boat there to pattern it after. My next one will by a "Rankin" style made locally.

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I got a steal of a deal on mine for $350. Other shops in the area wanted $700(which I couldn't afford). I have a 2 piece cover, with snaps, made of the newest material being used on almost any new boat. It was patterned off my old canvas cover(already had snaps). It's not canvas and it doesn't rip easily, but it needs vents because it doesn't breathe well. It only has single stitching and has unfinished edges underneath, but has held up great all summer. I'm taking it in to get another row of stitching and have the finished edges sewn. Local seamstress says she'll do it for $100.

Kings shrinkwrap and upholstery in Jackson, MI. is where I got it.

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I haven't seen one in person, but looking at the details online I don't see anything special about the Rankin cover - it looks like any good drawstring cover, fitted properly.

A custom fit cover from any local shop in our area is an easy 900-1200, and more if you get into towers, tonneau's, etc.

For trailerable covers I strongly reccommend a fitted snap cover, which covers the windsheild, then drops over the rub-rail and snaps around the back all under the rail. A draw-string cover with trailer straps is basically a big no-no for going down the road.

Obviously everyone has an opinion. Before you decide to order something sight unseen, go see a boat with a cover that your dealer is talking about. Then you'll have something to compare it to.


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