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Malibu Moment

Headhunter 2317

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Saturday morning about 7AM I arrived at the dock ahead of my buddies (they stayed out too late on Friday) and launched the boat myself. She was sparkling due to a recent wax so I was feeling good. After finding out that my tardy buddies were a good 40 minutes or so from the the lake, I took out for a morning cruise. Since putting in the noise insulation, I can now hear music at cruising speed.

I turned out into the main channel (which was glass) and directly into the rising sun and threw in one of my "Lake Mix" CD's. You know how sometimes music perfectly fits a situation?

I listened to "Silent Lucidity" as I cruised around the deserted lake at 35mph. It was magical.......

Somehow I could not wipe the smile off my face. Rockon.gif

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The BU has provided MANY of those moments. We are ALL fortunate to have these wonderful toys. Yahoo.gif

If you look at my Avatar you will see a nice shot of her tied up at one of the North Georgia Mountain Lakes. I could not resist taking that shot.

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I had one of those moments the first time I put the boat in the water. It was sunset glass and my three girls were all snuggled together with big grins on their faces.

Back then I was like... dadgummit, it doesn't get any better than this, so I guess its downhill from here. Since then, I've had several more of those great moments.

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I do like the motor sound better now that the insulation takes away some of background noise. I like to run her up to about 4000RPM and then slowly start backing it down....That V8 rumble is to die for.

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Had a similar experience a week ago- plan was to meet buddies at the usual cove for dawn patrol. My Sunday crew (wife & daughter) decided to take their sets on the mattress, so I was solo. After a quiet cruise to the site, I swung into the cove with the usual anticipation- it was promo-picture perfect: mist rising off the mirrored glass, not a breath of wind, sun's rays just peeking thru the haze in the treetops; a heron taking wing with a grunt to protest my arrival. And not another boat in sight.

No one showed that morning- I spent the time finishing my coffee (for a change), and just soaking up the solitude. At 9:00, I headed back to make it in time for church- but I'd already had my transcendental moment for the day.

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Nothing compares to early morning on the water. That hiss of water coming off the hull on the right side combined with the V8 echoing over the water......Ahhhhh......

Hopefully the hot weather will hold out a few more weeks here so we can get as many days as possible....

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Yes I to, love those magical moments, those earlier morning times are hard to beat. Here are a few more, at least for me.

1. After an awesome day on the lake, going down after dark to the marina, to put the cover on. Its wonderful to kick back on the boat with a beer, listening to the sounds of the water hitting the boat, dock creaking, frogs croaking on the shoreline and admiring the stars. Peaceful is an understatement.

2. I don't know about everyone else, but I love just sitting in the boat when its in the driveway.

As for music, when we went to do our orientation after purchase, we threw in the only CD we had in the car. After completing the orientation and heading back out on the lake, to start working down the breakin hours, we pop'd in the CD first song that came up.

God's Been So Good To Me, by Crystal Lewis. If you have ever heard the words, you would know how real that felt.

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You are right Millertime. I've had more than one beer sitting in the boat in front of the house after a good wash and wax. Something about sitting in that seat.

I'm trying to talk someone into going up early Saturday. The water is 76-78 degrees here which I think is perfect. Warmer than it gets all year for some of the MBcrew up North. The CFO does not get it at all.

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When the summer’s light is fragrant with scents of returning

You relent, you resent, now you’re burning

For nothing to change. ...

There’s something there ...

(amongst the fallen fruit and flowers)

Won’t rest

(only minutes, only hours)


(now the morning breaks in showers)

I guess

We’ll remember this all of our lives

On the last good day of the year.



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A great music and boat moment for me this summer was down at Lake Shasta. We were leaving one of the long 5mph no wake zones from a dock and we had Somewhere over the rainbow blasting by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole blasting over the speakers. If anyone has heard that song then they know what I am talking about. The warm sun beating down on your back and that music...can't beat it!

My other favorite moment was when we were anchored up in the slew on the local river and the Willamette Queen (a sternwheeler that carries about 50 people around for 2-4 hour tours) made a pass by us filled with a bunch of familes and grandparents and we played Steven Lynch's Dead Puppies song :lol: The looks on those people face was of pure disgust ROFL.gif

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One of my buddies has an Air Natuique with a "way overdone" stereo.

During one of my runs he had "Runnin with the Devil" blasting.

Reminded me of High School

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I hate to sound like a Redneck but blasting across the lake with "Freebird" blaring ranks right up there too. That usually happens if a beer gets cracked early....

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I hate to sound like a Redneck but blasting across the lake with "Freebird" blaring ranks right up there too.  That usually happens if a beer gets cracked early....

"What song is it you want to hear?"

"I heard it that time."

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Recorded live here in Atlanta at the Fabulous Fox Theater.

I remember cranking that "record" on my old man's

Sansui Stereo back in the day........It will still raise the hairs on the back of your neck....

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You would get along great with my ski buddy!! It would be scary to get you two on the same dock. Disturbed, godsmack, the off spring. He's always got something like that going. We'll get his XM going in the boat on the weekends and tune into Squizz or lucy and he knows all the words and I just crack up and cringe at the same time because I know Seth is listening.

Pink Floyd the Division Bell on Table Rock lake at around 9:30PM after a good footin' run and a few beers! Of course Cabo Wabo by Van Halen gets my blood going too.

Getting ready to do a slalom video with "The Sickness" by Disturbed as background music. Had to edit out that little episode the singer has right in the middle of the tune though. I can relate to the perfect morning, perfect boat, perfect ski, perfect tune thing. It's the second best thing you can do in the morning before work Biggrin.gif

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We went to Shasta two years ago for the first time as a group. One of our bestest pals could not make it as his niece was killed 2 days prior to our trip in a freak jet ski accident on Folsom I posted about at the time... Me and another buddy took a cruze before dinner on GLASS and the first song that came on after the 5 MPH zone was Freebird. Needless to say the volume went all the way up and the tears rolled....

Sadly the next song happened to be Brickyard Road, by Johnny VanZant. (another sad one)


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