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Powder-Coat the Wedge?


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I have the plain, non-stainless wedge on my VLX, and it looks like the anodizing will wear out eventually. Also I know I've seen some that look crappy after a few years.

Has anyone taken just the foil part and had it powder-coated? Wouldn't cost much, and the very thin additional thickness shouldn't change it's effectiveness.

Heck, I suppose you could powder coat the arms, but they don't seem to corrode like the aluminum foil does over time.


Maybe I could powder coat mine red? :)

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Yeah, I was kidding about the red. I had a bike frame coated for $100, so I I'm guessing I could do the wedge foil black for way less...

Sounds like a good winter project.

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I did both the foil and the transom bracket for the last boat, ran about $35 for both after I cleaned them up. The foil worked out fine, the bracket lasted 3 years then started to come off and corrode around the holes for the locking pins. Just use a hydraulic sealant on the screws that hold it to the arms when you put it together. Red would look great. Not sure why it would be that much more then black. The guy that I used had a mat black that was marine grade that he uses on bike parts because of the shade of black.

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I just suspect that black could be done cheaper because they typically do so much of it - no extra setup, it could be done with other things that they had already prepped for.

I would consider having the foil polished out real nice & then powder coating it clear. That would look sweet.

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I had mine done - it wasn't real cheap but I was concerned about it not adhering... as there had been some talk about the powder coat coming off under the water pressure..

I had them strip the foil, do a primer, then gloss black. Also did the platform brackets. I didn't bother with the wedge bracket, becuase 1) you can't really see it, and 2) it is a be-och to get off ;)

Let me know if you need more details - it looks great, and cleans up nice

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Troy, did you have them cover the screw holes? If so how do you make sure its on tight?

The just coated the foil (with no screws in it). It bolts back up as normal... but now the foil is insulated from electral conduction - so the corosion issue seems to have halted. There is a nice layer of powder coat between the brass arms, and also between the heads of the bolts and the foil.

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