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Canopy for 23 XTi w/Illusion X


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Several months back I posted a request for feedback/ideas for a non-permanent structure (and inexpensive) to cover for our WS 23 XTi. I thought I would post this thread to provide another solution (that worked out very well for us) for those looking to cover their BUs without having to lower the Illusion tower every time.

Based on infor I found here and at WSW, I wound up buying a Universal Canopy (10'8" x 27) from Sam's Club (online) for $199.00 and modified it to allow for the height of the Illusion X tower (without having to lower it), and also to fortified it to withstand higher winds that are common here in Annapolis.

The canopy's 6'8" side height and the 9'9" center height was not tall enough for the 23 XTi with Illusion and I had to raise the canopy enough to accomodate the tower's top which stands 112 inches from the ground. I ended up buying 10 units of 1 1/4 inch (10 foot lengths) galvanized steel piping from Home Depot and sank them each 2 feet into the ground. I then set the canopy legs into the steel piping, leveled them, and then assembled the rest of the canopy framework/roof. To ensure it would be sturdy, I dug holes around each leg and then poured concrete approximately 10-12 inches deep around each one. I then applied inward pressure to each end and the sides to keep tension on the structure, and let the concrete set.

The end product is a super solid structure designed to allow the vinyl cover to blow off in any high wind with little risk of the actual framework coming apart and damaging the boat.

This turned out to be a GREAT solution for the money. Total cost was less than $550 ($200-canopy/$300-piping/$50 misc materials such as concrete).

Hope this helps someone, it was a very helpful initial thread that got me searching for the right products. Having a canopy for a boat makes maintenance and upkeep so much easier.

If interested, I have posted pics at PHOTOBUCKET.com, see the link below.

G-Pac's Canopy Pics

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That looks great. Sounds like the piping was a little bit expensive. Someone might be able to get a better deal on the pipe from a pipe/plumbing supply company rather than Home Depot.

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That looks great.  Sounds like the piping was a little bit expensive.  Someone might be able to get a better deal on the pipe from a pipe/plumbing supply company rather than Home Depot.

Thanks ZZ, I contacted ALL the local supply houses, and apparently there was recently a big rush on the size/type of piping I needed, b/c they were all out.

It was pricey, but I did want the legs elevated and anchored as robustly as possible and this heavy duty piping was the very best option for the $$. As soon as you get into the shipping costs for this type of piping, ordering them online was not going to be cheaper. As it was, I had to go to 5 Home Depots to scrounge up the 10 pieces that I needed. I would suggest calling local suppliers for this if feasible, I called the local fence supply and plumbing companies.


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