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Oil Leak...I think? Or maybe not?

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I think I may have an oil leak, but I’m not entirely sure. The leak was reported and checked out by a mechanic on 7/3/2009. This is what the invoice stated:

“Engine has oil leak; clean engine and check for oil leak – only suspect place where dipstick tube enters block; tube not able to be fully inserted into block due to exhaust manifold interference; removed tube and sealed with silicone compound; added 1.5 quarts oil to bring crankcase to full level – also left .5 quarts under the stern port seat; water test – no oil leak; talked to Chad upon delivery and he said that they had been surfing for the last several run hours on the boat, purposely listing the boat to port; in my opinion the engine has had the ability to leak oil since new, but only started now due to the sever port list; should not leak anymore since dipstick tube is sealed.”

I noticed that my center hatch bilge area has water and oil in there. This oil may have been left over from the oil that leak that occurred during the issue that was reported above, but I am uncertain. The boat currently has 330 hours and when the boat was serviced above it had 255 hours. I checked the oil today and found that the dipstick was right on the line to add more and optimal. Does the oil capacity typically drop that much in 75 hours of use?


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I check oil levels before every outing and have never had to add oil between changes in my 340 Monsoon. Maybe 300hrs on it.

How much will your oil levels fluctuate on the dipstick from when it was filled to the end of the season? 75 hours is about 3/4 of a years worth of boating. I believe that 100 hrs. is considered a years worth of use. The 75 hours were hard hours of pretty much all wakesurfing.

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Mine has never fluctuated in over 600 hours of use. I do change it at 50 hours as specified in the manual though. I never let it get to 75 hours use on one oil change.

Well thats good to know! I just recently purchased this boat from a friend and I'm not very familiar with the maintence steps or schedules for an inboard boat. I had a Sea Ray 200 Select and oil changes came every year or every 100 hours of use, whichever came first and I never had to use premium fuel. So that may be my problem...every 50 hours.

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I would clean everything up really well and then monitor it closely as you use it. The engine blocks are black and that always makes it fun to find the leak. If it were in the shop I would add a dye to the oil and find it with the black light......

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