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DRYSUITS, multisport


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I've used the neoprene for slalom, but my suit needs a repair, so. . .

I'm thinking about getting a new one--baggy style. Though not ideal for slalom, it would allow me to extend my 'footin season. At this point, I'm thinking BF2000 or USIA Extreme Edition II.

What suit (style/brand) have you used for which sport?

How satisfied have you been with any particular suit?

How do you wear your equipment for various disciplines (i.e. BF suit under drysuit, slalom vest over drysuit, etc)?

Any other info/experience you want to share?


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Not sure why you would say the baggy style isn't for slalom. I've been using the baggy suits for slalom skiing for over the past 18 years. So ahve 4 or 5 other friends for skiing and a couple for footing. OS, Bare, O'Neil, US systems and BF2000 and Barefoot Company are the ones a remember seeing on the lake. The Bare suit I have is about 6 years old and has had the seals replaced once. The OS one before lasted 10 years with the seals being replaced about three times. I did have a Bare suit with extra wrist and ankle seal that went around the regular seals, trapped to much water in them for my taste, but are supposed to work for footing. Vests are worn inside or out, personal preference, I wear my vest and knee brace inside. Barefoot or other wetsuits worn inside depending on temps. and what your doing.

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I've got a BI suit that I split between footing and slalom and haven't had any issues slaloming with it. I just have to make sure I burp it first.

Ocean Tec supposedly makes a great dry suit as well and the Barefoot Central guys have been pushing them the last year or so.

Ski-it-again has a BI, USIA and Ocean Tec suit listed right now...



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Not sure why you would say the baggy style isn't for slalom. 

Because the loose pant leg causes extra drag in the water. Some guys either don't notice it or it just doesn't bother them. I tried a baggy suit before I bought my drysuit and I'm glad I did because I ended up going with an O'Neill neoprene drysuit. I didn't like the extra drag of the baggy, kinda threw me off balance.

To each his own. :)

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I wear the O'Neil Boost baggy suit. LINK

I bought it 'used' off a friend. He'd only used it one season. Unfortunately the seals were showing wear the first time I put the suit on. I have another friend who has the same suit. His seals haven't shown any wear. The suits been great, just that the seals are showing cracks. I hope to get one more season out of it. I've already stripped a 1/8th of an inch off the ends to try and prolong the life. But it shows cracks farther down on the seals as well. My guess is he didn't take care of the suit well. - My bad.

I was going to buy a USIA suit new, becuase of all the good things I've heard about them on here and MBO, but this deal came along and I jumped. It's been a good suit. I'd buy it again if the price was in the same range as USIA.

I footed in it. But that story's been told. It worked great, except the fact that I didn't have a footin' suit on underneath.

When it's cold enough to wear it, I'll wear light cotton pants, T-shirt and sweatshirt. I'll wear my vest on top of the clothes, but under the suit. This has worked very well. I generally share my suit with a couple others in the boat. It's been easy to get on and off for pretty much everyone. Except the really hairy types. Getting the gaskets on and off has proven difficult for them - but can't see this being any different for any other type of suit.

I bought a USIA for the CFO LINK. She's used it a number of times. She's a very cold blodded individual. If she gets cold, it's over for her - and me - on the boat. So, keeping her warm is critical. The USIA suit has been great. Great thing about this suit, is you custom order it based on your size. So it really fits.

I'd highly recommend this suit.

BTW - I bought the USIA suit through Peter at SmoothWaterSports. Great to deal with. I bought a clearance one first, but it didn't fit the CFO very well. They exchanged it out and ordered me a new one (for the appropriate upcharge). Shipping and all was great. I'm pretty sure Denjoe used them as well. Buy from them.

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I've had great luck with my BF2000. I'm not a big guy but I wish I would have went w/ the XL rather than the L. I've been using it for several seasons now still on the original seals and no problems.

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I got a cheap one from 04WSLV's great pal Mike Bell at Adrenaline Water Sports in Bellevue. I think the suit was $229. He told me to spray all the seals with food grade silicone before and after every time I put it on. I use this thing a lot living in the cold northwest, and the seals look better than they did the day I got it.

He also replaces the seals for a reasonable price. Oh, and watch your finger nails, as they can easily cut the rubber.

(Sorry 04WSLV) Biggrin.gif

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I've also had positive experiences with my BF2000. I owned a couple of hybrid (neo bottom, nylon top) and prefer the baggy suit....yes, even for slalom. I notice no problems with "drag" while slaloming. And I don't think you would want to barefoot in a neo suit.

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I bought a new baggie BI suit at the end of last season and use it 90% of the time for skiing, the rest for boarding and footing. I went with the BI suit because of the luck and good service i had with the first i bought in '86.

the only thing i don't like about it is the sizing. The Large was way too big for me (the zipper was REALLY awkward) and the medium is just a little snug when wearing my barefoot suit underneath. they used to have a medium large, but don't anymore (i am 5' 9", 170).

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I'll vote for the baggy also. I've used it for footing and skiing and love it. I've tried the neo drysuits, but they are useless for footing, and even for skiing, I got water up the leg. I have the BI suit and love it. As far as sizing goes, at 5' 9" I needed a large and my buddy at 5' 11' needed an XL.

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i like my bi suit. works swell for slalom and bf. i'm dry unless i take a header.

bf shorts under the suit along with long sleeve tee and long handles.

add sweat suit if it gets cold.

longer lasting seals would be nice but it does see a bunch of use.

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He told me to spray all the seals with food grade silicone before and after every time I put it on.

I've heard this before--but where can you get it? Online or otherwise. I don't know what the stuff is or where a restaurant supply place is within 30 miles.

Lots of good info here. Thanks, and keep it coming. I am "between" sizes on the BI, and based on a couple of comments here think it may not be the best choice for fitting. O'Neill sizing also does not work well for me. Leaning toward the USIA from Peter.

You think the manufacturers allow for vests/BF suits underneath, or do we go by our own size and add in the extra room needed for any equipment/clothing underneath???

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I've found that barefoot shorts and a neoprene jacket are just as good (better imho) under a drysuit as a barefoot suit.

I've wondered about the food grade silicone. I use a product called "seal saver" I think it's available in most dive shops.

Anybody know what the difference is between silicone and "food grade silicone?"

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for those yearning to learn, here's a product datasheet explaining that food grade silicone is a lubricant that is approved for usage that may involve incidental contact with food. What that has to do with a drysuit is beyond me, and frankly, the name RectorSeal® for a lubricant bothers me a bit, though I can't exactly put my finger on why. Also, unless we want a group buy on a case of 12 cans, we'll have to find another source.

I think Seal Saver is fine, and 303 touts their product for wet and dry suit use as well, but keep it away from the cheeze wiz.

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I just don't think it advisable to introduce Jack to a lubricant that is also edible Crazy.gif


I just had one of those "laugh so loud while in room by myself that people in another room wondered what the hell was going on" moments. Thanks, Hank. I needed that.

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