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Wiring Underwater LEDs for 07 V-Ride


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I could probably figure this out after some trial and error but thought I'd get the crew's feedback 1st if possible.

I purchased the underwater LEDs a while back (thanks 06vlx) and might have an opportunity to install them this weekend.

I've searched for some specific wiring support but haven't found too much (I really need it "dummied down" for me I think) and the lights didn't come with any installation directions.

07 V-Ride, w/ no rear factory ballast. I want to be able to turn them on/off independent of the interior or navigation lights (use separate blank aux switch).

First off, where do I run the wires? (switch +, switch grnd, breaker, etc), what gauge?

2nd I shouldn't need inline fuses if I'm wiring into switch and breaker panel? If this is incorrect what size fuse? 5mA?

3rd, has anyone done this for the V-Ride? Where were they mounted? I think I should do it outboard of the wedge but also want them as low as possible I think (but still above the locker floor)..?...

4th, did anyone use any protective coating or corrugated tubing to protect the wire harness in the rear locker (from boards, skis, etc)?

Any photos and detail would be MUCH appreciated.

thank you

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I'd run 12 awg wire maximum (that's even overkill since each light uses less than 1 amp each) from the breaker panel (if you have an extra spot) to wire in both lights in the rear. Use a 5 amp fuse. Just run the ground to any grounding lug you can find it doesn't matter. The positive just run to your switch you will be installing with the the 5 amp fuse on the delivery side of the wire if not running to the fuse panel.

I'd mount them outside of the wedge foil just on the insides of the platform bracket. This will keep the light from being blocked by the wedge.

Just run the wires up along the gunnels zip tied to the other wires you will find there from the fuse panel (or where ever you get the power from) all the way back to the lights. Pretty simple.

Wire loom is optional since you'll be zip tied to the rest of the wiring running back there. If it makes you feel better use it but it really won't be much benefit if you do a good job with the zip ties.

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