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I use a 30 foot nylon braided rope that is 5/8" dia. I have a series of knots tied every 18". I like it because the rider can throw the rope back in the boat without injuring anybody, and the rope is long enough to drag behind the boat for rider to use if he/she gets to far out of the sweet spot.

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I had an old double handle rope hanging around from the seventies, one of the only pieces of equipment that I have left from that era. I cut the handles off & made a single-handled rope that has removeable segments every 6 feet, so we can make it as long or as short as we want. Best part is that if it breaks, I've got another handle waiting & ready to go. :)

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I just picked up a POS water ski handle from a end of season sale at the local sporting goods mega-store. I think it was $7 or something. I just tie loops in it, so we can adjust the length to whatever... don't care if they come out or not, just tie another ;)

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I use the Proline "deluxe weave" surfing rope which basically has like 2-feet of braided line on the end to hold on to.

It looks super safe, but being a "big guy" it's VERY hard for me to hang onto during the initial few seconds when I do a surfing deep-water start. Once I get a little tired I can't even hang on and get up.

My son and lighter friends have no problems.

Personally, I'd like a surf rope with one of those little handles on it, where you can grab it, but it's too small to have much chance of getting over your arm and catching.

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1.) Take an old ski rope, cut off the handle.

2.) Cut a 6" long pice of 1" to 1.5" diameter PVC pipe

3.) Drill a hole just big enoug for the ski rope to pass through in the middle of the PVC pipe.

4.) Tie it on to the end of the rope.

5.) Go Surfing!!!

GreenHead and I made one for his boat and it works great

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