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Lets see your tower


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Lots of talk about towers. What lights, what speakers, what shape, high or low, painted, powder coated, or polished, folds down, doesn't fold down, who makes the best racks.....etc etc...Time to put a picture with your opinion, so lets see that tower!

Oh ya, and for those of us who may not know, make sure you tell us a little about what it is and whats hanging on it so we can all benefit.

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Here is the 2 thumbs set-up...Titan I w/ bimini, Monster ski and wakeboard racks (both have quick releases) and a Rod R mirror arm.

No lights or speakers here...boat sits on a lift over the summer. Would hate to find out that someone "borrowed" my stuff.


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Tower Rear

Here is a shot of our tower setup. It is actually kind of empty compared to normal and also there is a hyperlite coex in the rear locker that does not fit in the boardrack or else it would be up there.

Titan Series III Polished with 4 Titan low rider Boardracks and one pair of NVS Addictions, also have the Monster Tower quick release mirror arm.

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I had my bimini custom made by ABC Canvas in Cape Coral, FL. It's the best job I've ever seen in person. I got the chills. I guess that's a little weird...but it's darn nice.






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Just had a blade tower replaced with an Illusion X. 8 LPA HID lights (4 forward = spot, 4 rear = flood), 4 Metcraft swivel lift off racks (2 wake board, 1 surf, 1 ski), Tower Biminis XL bimini, 4 Wet Sounds Pro 60X speakers. Sorry if too many pics, but I can't ever get enough pics of other people's cool boats and modifications.


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Here is my Illusion tower with bimini and 2 Wetsound 485 Pro speakers and two Titan swing in racks (one surf, one wake). The lights are kind of wimpy and I haven't upgraded them yet. I am still trying to find the best lights that do not have a bunch of blow back to blind me.



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Trampoline: who designed it, how much, i want one!! no joking about it

PM me with an email address & I can give you some more pics & email for one of the builders. Looks like a pretty fun setup if you don't need your tower to break down. And frankly I think one redesign it a bit to get by that too.


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We just added some new surf racks, and then had to get matching wakeboard racks and sell the titans.


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