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Schooled My Boys


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I finally got enough courage to take my little BU up river this weekend, too many idiots near the bay. And after the sun was beating me up all day I decided it was time to turn the wheel over to my dear hubby and pray he didn't kill me or pull my arms out of socket, I made him practice on his kids. My boys were making fun of me saying I couldn't get up, heh 1st time 2nd time 3rd time and 4th, not a hitch. They asked me how I figured it out...I said YouTube and The MalibuCrew. Thanks everyone this forum is sooo full of information. I'll be jumping wakes tonight if my hubby comes, I'm not sure I'm ready to turn it over to the boys just yet. Rockon.gif

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Awesome - just be warned - after you jump once you will never stop wanting more AIR!! Rockon.gif It is really addicting!

I'm looking forward to the thrill, I'm a little worried about the landing, I'm pretty sure I can put it on an edge and build some speed right before the wake but I will admit landing it has me a wee bit worried, I'm not as young as I used to be, :unsure: any tips? Right now it is raining cats and dogs and thundering and lightening, what sucks is I have the boat ready to go so yeah the cover is off and it's getting drenched dangit, so much for trying to be ready to go, the coolers are even packed. Oh well I am off tomorrow and I have the whole day to mess with it just me and the boys and the BU.

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Check out this video. It helped me big time when I was learning to jump wake to wake. You've got half of it figured out with the edging into the wake (called a progressive edge - search for it on youtube). The other is in you legs - standing tall as you come up the face of the wake. The landing is all about absorbing the impact by bending your knees - also watch where your going to land - it helps you prepare for the landing. Just start small and work your way up - you'll be hooked.....


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By far the easiest place to land is on the downside of the opposite wake. If you land there and keep your knees bent to absorb the landing it will be soft and easy. Where you don't want to land is on the top edge of the wake (case the wake), and especially with your knees straight.

One of my crew is getting her 2nd knee surgery after doing just that last year. The good news is that she should be good as new and ready to go next week.

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