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What's up with this lemon

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I like that last guys reply....."Are you for real" Which is just what I was thinking.

They wired the tach and speedo backwards on the PP?? WTF? O.K., even if this is so, every boat boat from the factory comes with analog gauges as well. Was the tach and speedo miswired here too.


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I just posted to that thread on WW. I call BS too, unless the guy can prove he's for real.

Lots of things that make you go hmmm in that post...

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He was implying that he was going 40 mph & thought the tach was correct &

only reading 2500 rpm. The fact that the throttle was almost all the way down &

the engine was real loud should have clued him if he actually has owned a boat

"most of his life".

I think he's fishing. Either that or Stewerts description is accurate.

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Total BS post. If all that had happened to me you wouldn't see such a calm, matter of fact tone. It's obviously someone with MC ties trying to make himself feel better.

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Adding a quote at the end of his rant saying "I'm tempted to sink the boat and collect the insurance money." (joking or not) says a lot about one's character too.

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Hmmm, let's see, TMC#1 posted first, then UWSkier chimes in right away.

One of two things are going on here:

1 - Someone from TMC is screwing with us.

2 - BaylinerNut is bored.


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Now TMC#1 changed his avatar. I'm guessing if we poked around enough it would be one of the pictures from the swimsuit thread on TMC.

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you guys are killing me. I make one post and you assume I am from the other side! Today for the first time since I bought my bu two months ago I actually have time to reply and surf around here. By the way the avatar is not from the MC site, nice try though!! Cheers.gif

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