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Steering Vibration...

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I have a Weird Steering Vibration on my 05 VLX. It only happens when the rudder is under a heavier load but the vibration feels like it is a loose part of the steering column.... It also makes quite a loud noise right at the steering wheel..

So far I have replaced..

1 The rear Rack Piece that attaches to the Steering cable and no change...

2 The Tilt Helm piece that attaches to the Steering Wheel. It definitely made the Steering wheel stronger but it stills vibrates..

The times that we really notice it (it is pretty loud and noticable) is when we are loading it on the trailer and powering up the bunks and when we have the ballast full and we are surfing, right at take off is when it happens (not as loudly as when loading on the trailer)

I don't think it would be the steering cable, it seems nice and tight with one finger turning.... The Rudder has a slight amount of play but it does not seem excessive..

Does any one have any suggestions on what may cause this...


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Does any one have any suggestions on what may cause this...

My Sporty developed a slight vibration once (although yours does sound more intense) and the fix was as easy as lubing the rudder. That slight amount of play can translate into a lot of noise when it's jacking the steering cable around. It's worth a try. Just pump a little grease into the zerk fittings on the rudder port...doesn't take much.

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My 07 does the same thing. The dealer replaced the helm under warranty, but it didn't correct the problem. I know someone who has an 06 and his does the same thing as well.

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This is definitely not normal... The 07 I had didn't do it at all and niether did the 94 Echelon I had...

I was thinking about greasing the rudder as well but haven't got around to it.. I will give that a try...

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My 06 VLX has always done it. Now at 555 hours and no change from new. I think it is just the prop wash blowing past the rudder and shaking it violently untill you get moving forward and the water starts flowing past the rudder to stabilize it. I have never worried about it.

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2004 23 LSV 350 hours................replacing the helm and tilt assembly fixed the problem for a while. Around 500 hours the vibration started again, but was too slight to worry about. I sold the boat at 850 hours. The buyer is a certified Indmar tech. He said the vibration was probably the helm at first, and then the rudder bushings. When he power loaded the boat onto the trailer after the test drive he said he felt quite a bit of play in the rudder. With the boat on the trailer we both went under and checked the rudder for play. He was right..........the rudder moved quite a bit.

Your vibration could be helm, rudder bushings, or both.

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