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The day from hell, funny story, and a seat question


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Hey everyone.

First Id like to give much thanks for the ideas on my little water leak problem in my 91 Skier. Its all fixed, I take no water in at all anymore, so thank you very very much for all the helpful advice.

Funny story - The boat day from hell. I get up real early to replace the wooden section of the floor and carpet in my skier. The old stuff was way to waterlogged and heavy. Im just about all done. Im about to drop in the floor when I drop the smaller 6" long part of the floor and it lands right on my blower tube, cracking it in half. So another trip to home depot and thats taken care of (it was brittle probably about time). So in the same day, later on out on the lake, i suck a tow rope into my prop and have to paddle back in to my buddy's lift. We all forgot our phones. In the process of trying to get it off out in the lake I cut my hand wide open. Takes about and hour and a half to paddle in. I get the rope off and Im off again. 20 minutes later all the electrical in my boat goes dead. Luckily this time Im much closer to shore and its not as much paddling. Turns out that my new fuse box was defective (only lasted 2 weeks). So I replace that after a trip to the marina. Its now dark, I refuse to give up and I go float around finally relaxed with the wife, the dog, and a cold beverage. I was tired and a little bloody but I guess the day from hell wasnt all bad.

Seat question - After a long rainfall 2 of the snaps on my cover came off and a pool of water formed on the cover. Where the cover rested on the seats it is now a light orange. My 91 has white vinyl seats. I just finished the interior in this boat and had it looking almost new again (was very neglected when I got it) and now this. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these stains? I've already tried ICE vinyl cleaner and the white sponge erasers, which lightened the stains, but did not get rid of them.

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Bummin day. I have one of those occasionally too. Glad to say their not very often.

Try Babes Seat Soap and a soft brush on your seats.

Or Exquisite Boat Vinyl/Upholstery Cleaner has come highly recommended lately.

Luckily the sunshine has a tendency to fade a lot of stains too.

Good luck.

Yeah, I would bet a couple good days in the sun would make it fade away.

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Try the exquisite. I've not done the boat yet, but did scrub my wife's car seats and I was absolutely shocked. Without a doubt the most gentle and effective cleaner I've ever used. I actually can't wait to do the boat!

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I recently had a similar problem (on only the vinyl though!) My red shorts stained my BU's white captain's seat slightly pink. Tried everything...soaps, 3M cleaners, those white erasers (STD and HD)...even including "Exquisite Boat Vinyl/Upholstery Cleaner" (got it on ebay). Nothing even made a DENT in the "pink".

Seems the consensus is to leave the seat out in the sun to bleach the vinyl back to white.

Another option I've read a lot about is using standard, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (the cheap, but very effective mouthwash/antiseptic/tooth whitener). Simply soak a rag with the H2O2 and lay it on the seat (or tape it on a vertical section BEFORE soaking). It's supposed to do the same thing as the sun, but much faster (and maybe more complete). You can find H2O2 in any supermarket, usually in brown bottles (it's light sensitive)....right next to the alcohol antiseptic in the bandage/bandaid isle.

I did try the "sun method", but even leaving the cover off my BU for a coupla days was still not enough....and I ended up with a LOT of bird and bug shieeet all over the interior (I have bees nearby that drop all kinds of little yellow bee droppings). Sooooo....after a little experimenting, I tried "GOO GONE"....which although is technically an oil based citrus (orange) cleaner, their website (and many internet "vinyl cleaner" posts) states it's perfectly safe for vinyl.

These sites also stated that vinyl upholstery can be safely cleaned with mineral spirits and mineral oil....but any other stronger solvents can cause the vinyl to become brittle and crack, so be careful. After using any of these citrus cleaners, further clean the vinyl with soap and water to remove the citrus residue to prevent any possible long term effects.

ONE BIG CAUTION.....never use acetone, fingernail polish remover (which = acetone w/oil), lacquer thinner, MEK or similar strong solvents, or you will indeed cause the vinyl to harden and crack in short order. Also, I'm not sure how safe milder solvents are, like alcohol, denatured alcohol or kerosene. These may also cause some vinyl hardening and/or cracking, so watch out and do some testing.

But, GOO GONE worked fine on removing the bee shieeet....and only "touched" the pink on my seat. Now I'm going to give the H2O2 a shot at removing the "pink".....

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