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Weight my 01 WSVLX


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I've been messing around with different options. This year only has the center ballast and from what I've read, that can fit maybe 300. I had plumbed in 2 750s in the lockers, which we never fill up all the way, I'd estimate 4-500 pounds as they looked about half full. Also threw a 600 down the middle in the bow walkway. Swim platform was 6-8 inches under water which I thought was a little excessive. Wake was big, but mushy.

In the interest of keeping things simple and not having to guess how full the rear 750s were, I bought the vdrive sacs at 400 lbs each. This way I'll know they're both full and even when they start peeing. So 800 rear, 300 or so mid ship, and 600 bow walkway. I haven't been out since we got the 400s so I'm hoping this will work. Do I need more in the nose?

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I have a similar setup (00 vlx) and run the following:

750's in the rear trunks - prob abou 600ish since they fill substantially more than the 400's

300 ish in the locker

750 sack across the bow (filler cushion helps with this) it probably fills to about 600-ish as well.

I also run some lead that is move-able and pretty neutral.

I generally ride around 26mph at 80ft. The waterline is just about to the d-rings in the rear. The wake is pretty money with that setup. If I were towing slower I would pull weight out of the bow and rear a bit.

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Ok, maybe we need to speed up. Usually have PP set to 21.9. It just seemed like we were very tail heavy due to the platform being so far under, maybe that's just how the earlier vlx's were.


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You need more wieght up front, all the way up front. I run stock locker, 400 in the lockers + wedge, then 500 in the bow @ 23 and its clean. I can even go down to 20 and its still clean. Try more up front, like any Malibu they like the wieght in the bow.

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Early VLX's need a lift kit on the platform!

I run-

550 in each rear compartment

400 in center

300lbs in lead in the bow storage

Anywhere from 22.5-24.5 mph

70-80' rope depending on rider


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