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Battery Problem!

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Hey guys, I've bee. Having a battery problem the past few day (well, either battery or alternator). In the RLX we have 2 amps (sub and tower) that are hooked to the battery (only one battery in boat). Power to both amps to distribution block and to positive terminal on battery, both grounds go directly to net terminal on battery. Remote wires go to a switch on the dash. I've had this set up for about a year or two so I wouldn't think it would be that. Saturday my brother took the boat out in the morning and picked me up around 4 to ride. Got in and he said the BATT warning came on on the way back and said 11.0. He said they were sitting at the beach with the steep on for a while so I figured it just started draining the battery but the alternator should do it's job. On the short drive back to the beach to fill up sacs and get ready the BATT warning came up again and started to decline to about 10 while we were driving! Also, I had cut off the amps and had just the radio on low and it started cutting out, so did the perfect pass. I stopped at the beach and kept the engine on (not beached but a few yards off of it) I put it I'm neutral to rev it up and see if it would charge it back up. Turned radio off, made sure nothing was on, check all wires to make sure nothing was wrong, cut re boat off for about 15 mins to ride behind my buddies SANTE since it wasn't working right. Got back and the boat was dead. Jumped it off easily and no batt signal came on so we started heading back. A few mind later it came back on (no radio on at all) and while we were driving I watched the warning go from 11, to , 10....all the way down to 6 and that's when everything shut off. Got my buddy to tow us back, put in a new battery that I had for my trick that's bigger than this one. Started right up and worked fine. Yesterday got in and started right up. Ran most of the day didn't leave anything on when engine was off, at the end of the day the batt 11 signal came on so we went in. I just don't get it! Any suggestions?

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Sounds like it's your alternator to me. You could pull it and have it tested/rebuilt. I know you say you only have 1 battery but do you have a battery switch in the boat? If the switch is on the wrong setting it won't recieve a charge from the alternator.

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Thanks for helpin but I figures it out pretty quickly today. Got home went to the boathouse to see if I could figure it out, checked all wiring from battery and in the engine. I was looking at the alternator and something looked funny but I couldn't put my finger on what. So I kind of looked down to think, and went what the hell is that! My damn belt is laying in the bilge area! So Im gonna head to napa in a minute and get a new one and put it on tonight or tomorrow and see if that fixes it. It makes sense but what I don't understand, I didn't know that it would run without a belt! It's probably been off for two days! It was broken. Well let's see if it works.

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