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Ebay..full wedge for sale


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Just found this on Ebay

According to the Seller just drill four holes, bolt and your done, and it fits on any boat. Crazy.gifCrazy.gifCrazy.gif

Looks like the attach bracket was misdrilled on the lower holes, I've never seen a wedge with two holes and theres hardly any edge distance between the two.


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Sounds fishy to me. Did he sell the boat with 4 holes in the transom? Prolly made that Moomba porpoise like a porpoise and he tried to adjust it out by drilling the bracket for adjustment.

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Wow, I'd be keeping my User id private If I was trying to sell that way! "will work on any boat" "takes less than 30 minutes to install"

He has a whole lot of faith in the strenght of Al, you see how close the extra holes are to the edge? SCARY!

...and someone is bidding on it!

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Surprised it didn't tear the transom off that Moomba.  Lame.gif

I wouldn't be surprised if it actually did and thats the real reason why hes selling. :lol:

I think someone was going to build one for their boat over on wakeboarder.com, I think he was going to use 11 degree angles. (on the reverse-hydrofoil part)

Doesn't the wedge use about 3-4 degree angles? That guy didn't seem to be the smartest tool in the shed anyhow. Biggrin.gif;)

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My concern is when it rips the transom off as UW suggested and the the guy somehow sues Malibu for the Wedge not having a warning stamped on it

"for use with Malibu Boats only" :(

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I sent the guy a quick e-mail today as a 'friendly reminder' this will only fit Malibu boats. Hopefully he will change the text in his auction. I would think that he would be responsible if it ripped the transom off some poor buyer's boat.

Also, this could be stupid on my part, but it says he took it off his boat when he sold it. I've never heard of this. Wouldn't there be hole's in your hull if you removed the wedge? I'm assuming some glass work could be done. Who knows, I wouldn't touch that w/ a 10 ft. pole.

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I know there have been picture of other brands with a wedge, but has anyone seen one, or driven one. I just have to wonder what it would do on a hull that was not designed with it in mind.

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This is a little odd....the wedge in the link that Henken posted ended April 15 selling for $599. Apparently the seller has another wedge for sale for bin price of $575 and is using the same picture and description as the first.

Since the guy has his feedback score private really adds to the suspicion.

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Just a quick note:

I did get an e-mail response back from this guy when I e-mailed him and told him these only fit Malibu's (see above post).

Here's what he said..."sorry I had it on a moomba my frind has one on a glasstron as long as theres room on the back of the boat it will fit ."

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How does that work? Maybe he should sell the two as a pair and tell the buyer that you mount one on either side of the out drive. Then he could say that it is the same a 2000lbs of ballast.

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Wkerat - I put a copy of one on my 93' MC PS 190. It did not work at all. The boat would actually try to get up and ride on the Wedge. It was like an Hydrofoil.

The transom was strong enough, but it was still a bad idea. I have pictures, but I can't post them yet because I am not a crew cheif.


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