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Better Older VLX Motor Dividers


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I don't know how long this design lasted, but my 96 VLX had these really crappy carpet curtain type motor dividers. Last year I had finally had it with them and did something else. Luckily it integrated with the gas springs that I installed about 4 yrs ago (to replace the crappy power lift) with no trouble. The pics are pretty self-explanatory, but I'll toss out a few points.

For the dividers themselves, I just used the old carpet dividers as a template. Lots of options for materials, but I used 1/2" birch plywood soaked in Thompson's Water seal. I also attached a ~6" wide reinforcing layer across the top edges. The hard dividers lay down flat on the floor on each side, and don't hinder service access at all.

I reinforced the rear fixed sections (behind the drop-down divider) with aluminum angle and 1/8" flat. I also used the Al flat for the overlap pieces on the sides of the divider. With the piano hinge on the bottom, the dividers are supported on 3 sides, and they are solid as heck.

The only thing I'm going to change eventually is the latch. I just haven't yet found something better.

Just figured this might help someone out...






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Thanks and no problem. Just paying it forward. :)

One thing that I unexpectedly found useful about the hinged design is that you can actually use it to push the sacks over, and still get some access to the sides of your motor without having to completely drain the sacks. (I run 750's in the back)

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Very nice. First thought I had when reading before seeing the pics was that I hoped you reinforced the stationary dividers at the back... and you did lol. I have hard ABS covers in my 97, but I was going to add a strip of 3/4 aluminum angle stock behind it now that I've added Vdrive sacs back there. I like how you reinforced the back pieces.

Can you elaborate on your conversion to the gas shock sun deck? Any measurements or part numbers on the hardware to convert?

EDIT: Do you have a write up on your ballast install by chance?

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Thanks. One of the supports for the rear stationary dividers was already cracked, so I didn't really have a choice but to reinforce them.

I actually found the info for the gas spring conversion on here, or maybe the old MBO site. Search around and PM me if you can't find anything. The parts are all off the shelf.

On the ballast system, I'm running a copy of the Hippo system. Check out Jamie (yooper)'s post about halfway down this thread. http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/message...921/198705.html

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Found the sundeck post.

On the ballast. Did you use the 1.5" thru hull? Did you also use the electric valve? Where did you put the thru hull?

Thanks for the very helpful info

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I have a 1.5" scupper in the starboard side next to the engine, Drainmaster valve, (8) Tsunami 1200's, and all 1" plumbing. It works great and is FAST.

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