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'01 Malibu Wakesetter VLX FUSE to start?!

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Ok guys, I got a question for ya...I have an '01 Wakesetter VLX and I was gettin' ready for this weekend, cleaning up my boat, listening to my tower speakers...I had just purchased a set of TOWER LIGHTS for it, had the local dealer wire the lights up, I had tried them a few times before, to make sure they worked one night, to see how far they would shine, while I was listening to my speakers today, I tried my tower lights at the SAME TIME, AND THE TOWER SPEAKERS KINDA POPPED AND SHUT OFF!?! I have no ideal what it was!! I had figured FUSE, but tried checking the in-line tower lights/tower speakers fuse, and they are BOTH GOOD!?! BUT THEN...I went and tried to start the boat, IT WOULD NOT EVEN CRANK, TRIED MY ACC. SWITCHES ON MY DASH, TWO WOULD WORK, BUT THE ONES THAT HAD THE TOWER LIGHTS HOOKED UP TO IT WOULD NOT!!

My question to everyone is, IS THERE A FUSE PANEL TO HELP OUT STARTING THE BOAT, IS THERE LIKE A MAIN SWITCHBOARD OR SOMETHING THAT I DON'T SEE, BESIDES THE MAIN PANEL UNDER THE THROTTLE THAT SAYS "PUSH TO RESET"?!" I just don't like being without my boat in working order, and I PAID TOP DOLLAR TO GET EVERYTHING WORKING RIGHT, AND THAT FAILED!! I just want it to work PROPERLY AND SMOOTHLY LIKE IT SHOULD!! Also, I doubled up on my rear battery, by adding ANOTHER BATTERY and hooked the positive to the main batter positive, so forth for the negative, so THERE IS ENOUGH POWER FOR EVERYTHING!! I have alot of lights, spekers, underwater lights, etc. but THEY SHOULD ALL BE WORKING RIGHT!! I PAID FOR THEM TO BE!?!

Thanx alot!!


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There is a fuse that is mounted to the battery box ( that is where mine was when I bought my boat that i believe is connected to the started that is connected to the battery. If the fuse is popped if you were looking at the fuse it looks like the bottom of it came out push it back up in. I hope that makes sense if not someone else might be able to explain a little better. If it is not that then try the main fuse which if you open the engine compartment then it would be right behind the seat. I looks like a red button try pushing that back in. I had the fuse pop on me which is connected to the battery once when I had my lights installed. I hope that works out for you if it not that it might be a trip back to the dealer to have them fix their problem.

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my 2001 had a BIG orange button above tansmission area ??? had to PUSH it to reset it , it was like a trip relay ? Look for a big orange or red button under middle rear seat . It could not hurt to push it , if its NOT tripped it will not move , it is was tripped it WILL click .

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Ok, my local dealer's mechanic came out today, he went through ALOT of stuff with the (+,-)wire, just checking to see if everything had a current alot of stuff did, but he THOUGHT he had the problem figured out, thought it was a relay, then found out that he DID HAVE A FLOW ON THAT, so he kept checking, checking AND FOUND ONE THING THAT WAS NOT RIGHT...he noticed on the PLUG THAT PLUGS THE IGNITION INTO THE ACTUAL MOTOR, THERE IS A PIN ON THE IGNITION SIDE OF THE PLUG, AND IT WAS MISSING A PIN!? I NEVER TOOK THE PIN OUT SINCE I'VE OWNED THE BOAT!? SO I DUNNO!?! Ah well, they're odering the plug, he said like $50 or so, but he also said that RANDOMLY GO OUT SOMETIMES, THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR THE MIS-HAP, BUT IT JUST WENT OUT, GOTTA FIX IT!! I asked him, if it was from like running my tower speakers/lights, etc. but he said no, that it just needed to be fixed, but it's kinda funny, cuz i was listening to the tower speakers before it blew, but WHEN I TURNED THE LIGHTS ON, IT WENT POP, end of story...The Plug broke when that happened?! I just want my boat fixed, DON'T CARE THAT MUCH!!

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Also, I have 2 batteries in the back of my boat, bough 'em new this year, they were kinda coroded, he said that needed to be cleaned off too, so I cleaned those off as well...see, he took a fake ignition, plugged it into my motor, and MY MOTOR STARTED CRANKING...as far as the dash lights, we didn't check those, but HOPE THOSE WORK AS WELL!?!

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/rant......is it TOTALLY NECESSARY to use CAPS??? /end rant

have you checked the 80AMP fuse that is located on most battery boxes?

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