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best fat sac for 21' sunscape


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we purchased 4 150lbs Launch Pad Fat Sacs with a pump over the winter, took one out on the lake a couple of weeks ago. took a while to fill because the hose was kinked but also the connection to the bag to fill and empty was horrible. Last year we used dry weight and it was ok to move around but i'm just wondering what the best and most user friendly bags are. I'm looking to add 700-1000 pounds and am just wondering what will be the best for wakeboarding and surfing.

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Both Fly High and Launch Pad make systems that are more user friendly. Check out the Fly High Pro X Series ballast bags, or Launch Pad's Sumo Sacs. Of the two, I give the nod to Fly High due to the multitude of fittings that are available, which allows them to be used in essentially any application (from manually filling with a pump, to connecting them to a factory ballast system or adding a new ballast system).

In your 21 LSV, I would recommend looking at Fly High's Fat Sac. It's a 50" x 20" x 20" bag that holds 750lbs. of water and will fill almost completely in your rear locker.

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I have yet to find a great setup for my '06 Sunscape 21 for wakeboarding, but I have the surfing setup down to a science. I have all Fly High sacs. We all surf regular so your weights will change for goofy, but I completely fill the port V-drive locker. I use a 750 first (I don't fill it up 100% so it is easier to get the pump on and off). Then I put a 400 on top of that and fill it until I can barely close the door. I put a tube sac above and below the port seats and add 400 in the bow on top of the seats. I put down the manual wedge and have a huge wave. Last summer I had a competitive surfer behind the boat and she said it was the largest wave she has ridden so she wan't used to it and had to change her style a little. Of course, the rest of us are 200+ and love the wave as it gets our fat bodies moving.

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