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Extra Plug

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Recently bought an '04 VLX. When I took delivery, there were 3 plugs in the glove compartment. One is a T-handle plug that fits the hole in the ski locker (well, center MLS bay, I guess you would call it, since you can't fit skis in there!) Also a smaller plug that fits the hole in the back of the boat. But there's also a third plug and I don't know what it's for. I used to have a '97 VLX, and I could have sworn there was a plug under the v-drive, but this boat doesn't have one there. So what's the third plug for? The dealer I bought it from was not a Malibu dealer, so perhaps they just mistakenly put that plug in the boat.

Here's a pic: (Sorry for the blurry pic from my phone.)


The smaller plug (right) is the one for the stern. The larger plug (left) is the extra one.

I just want to make sure there's not a hole that needs pluggin' that I don't know about! (I have taken the boat on the water and haven't noticed water entering the boat.)



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MDM, I have a 2003 V Drive and there's a T-Handle plug by the v-drive.

I have something similar to your extra plug ... it's a spare for my Titan II tower ... to connect the two sections. Just a long shot. I wanted buy and extra handle bolt (can't think of a better name) that came with the tower and the deal just threw in for free this extra plug/bolt for my tower.

Just curious, have you crawled under you boat to check for more places to drain from?


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That's so weird that my boat doesn't have the plug by the v-drive. I've looked and felt around several times, but can't find one. I have an Illusion X tower, so it's not the tower bolt. I have crawled underneath, and a few of what seem to be plug holes are actually inlets for the MLS pumps. Haven't found an extra plug hole ... yet.

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That's so weird that my boat doesn't have the plug by the v-drive. I've looked and felt around several times, but can't find one.

I think only the early 04 VLX had that plug,like mine. The early 04s had the bow bag ballast the later one's possibly like your's had the bow tank so when they went to the tank they also drooped that plug.

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As I mentioned, I have taken the boat out on the lake and didn't notice a bunch of water coming in. I didn't try the hose thing ... good idea. Anyway, the other day, after boating all day and becoming increasingly convinced that water was not getting in, I left the boat in the water overnight next to my dock. Next morning all was fine, swim platform was at the same level above the water as the night before. So, I guess bigD is right, they really did remove that plug hole under the V-drive.

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