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Your Opinion on interior LED'S

Dave K

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My sunsetter is two tone beige green piping, lite brown carpet.



I was thinking of white or orange leds under the gunnels, and orange around the floor. Or maybe it should be white all around.

I'm looking for your opinion please.

Do you have any pic's to help me with color and placement?

Thank You

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Why not green LEDs with a few white ones in certain locations to highlight high use areas.


Green would look awesome, and it's a unique color.

Just an FYI - you may not be out at night very often, but the one time you are and you get to use them...it's totally worth it!

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Quite often the wife and i had the chance to take a ride at dusk/night and even when this the few stock white lights it looked neat.

I like the idea of white lights luminating the floor and green or yellow under the gunnels. However if I did go with a colored light it won't highlight a dirty carpet if that makes any sense! I was also thinking of putting a couple of lights under the table (on the bottom) and direct them towards the middle of the cockpit area. I was planning to rip a piece of 2x4 somewhere around a 45-60 degree angle just a couple of inches long so the light would be on a bit of an angle shining down and over.

I am still hung up on the color scheme though???

I found these lights on ebay at a pretty good price, quality I dont know is there much difference in LED's?


I do like these >>>ALM-C-x6 Accent Light Module


I was thinking of using this light in the storage area under the console, and in the back storage areas where the sacs. I found these lights of about $15 ea at a local truck shop


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search for gunwale led's...there's a handful of us that bought the led lights for under vehicles...under 100 shipped (ebay) and you get a remote and choose from 7 colors and lighting configurations...

I think if you do a youtube search under pfaua, you'll see a couple vids of mine.

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Check out oznium.com too. I went with blue on my 2002 vlx and put one 4.7" strip under each gunnel in the cabin and bow and also put one under the dash. It was well worth the $40.


Did you have to use a resistor to place those LEDs?

I read that if they are in series you should.

No, I have them wired in parallel to an accessory switch. They are prewired to work with a 12v source so no need for resistors. If you wire them in series they just won't be as bright. I ran a power and ground around my boat and spliced each LED in with a T-tap connector. Email me if you want a picture of what mine look like [email protected].

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Well after considering all the comments, you've talked me into green! I was thinking of white in the gunnels and a couple of blue shinning down on the sub.

What do you think of my plan here?? It is not a floor plan quite of my boat but close enough. Too many lights ?? Can u reccommend different placement??


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