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Run it before spring tune up


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I have posted a couple of other things here proclaiming my new purchase but I will do it again...

Just bought a 1995 response. My first boat purchase. Lived on a lake for 2 years already and could not find a boat to buy. This summer will not be like the last two while I watch others enjoy the water while I am on the dock.

O.k. now back to the question at hand...

I have this boat in my garage right now. It was winterized last year and stored. The person I bought it from said he would get a tune up every 2 years. (he never drove the thing - 205 hrs total) This would be the year of his tune up. I just want to take it out for a little spin around the lake before taking it in for the tune-up.

Is that a bad idea? I have checked all fluids and they are fine. I am getting mixed results when asking other people. It is usually the non boat owners that are telling me to have a service before turning it on and the boat owners are telling me go take it for a spin. So I am leaning towards a run around the lake and maybe a ski before tune up.

I am just stoked about finally owning an inboard ski boat and not having to beg my friends with I/Os to drag me skiing that I just want to run it before I have to leave it for a week at the marina.

Your thoughts are appreciated

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I'm not an expert but I would say to take her out for a ride. If you believe the previous owner that he had tuned it up every 2 years then I would think you would be fine. Maybe you'll find a few additional things that you would like the dealer to address while it's there, that would save you a second trip. Good Luck and Congrats!!

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I'd run it if I knew it was summerized. Don't run it if you don't know how to summerize it.

If you run it, back it down the ramp, leave the bow strap hooked up, make sure the boat is floating deep enough to submerge the water pick-up and run it on the trailer until it comes up to running temp. If it gets to temp, idles fine and doesn't take on water, then, take it for a ride. Note your full throttle speed and rpm. Then if you must, get a tune up.

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Jason hit one important point... if you know it's summarized go for it. Some dealers will winterize your boat and leave it in a state where it's all set to go in the summer - just throw in the battery, turn the key and go. Other dealers, however, will leave some things to be done in the summer - anything from putting back in plugs to reattaching hoses, etc...

If you know the engine is ready to go - do it. If not and you aren't sure of what you're doing around an engine leave it to the dealer.

One other thing. A "tune up" means different things to different people. Do you know exactly what the previous owner did? If not, I'd either compile your own list or rely on the dealer going forward. I, for example, do some things every year, some things every other year, and some things I just wait until they fall off and deal with them then. Things that fall into the every year/every other year category consist of the obvious things like oil, filter, trans fluid, cap and rotor. Spark plugs can be done less often, although I'm incredibly anal and do it every other year.

Finally, the number of hours between the above intervals is really more important than the number of years. I only put around 50 hours on mine a year. If you put, say 200 hours, on a year you'll probably want to do some things like changing oil more often.

I've attached my winter/summer checklists as a reference.

Summerizing_Checklist.doc Winterizing_Checklist.doc


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If you trust the previous owner I would run it on a fake a lake check for leaks make sure the temp comes up and the thermostat opens. If all looks good take it to the lake and enjoy. Do not run the boat in gear out of the water! and check the fluids again after running it. when you get to the lake after you get it launched run with the motor cover up watch for leaks again idle around in gear for a few minutes. If all still looking good go for a ride.

If everything is good I do not think I would do another tune up the boat does not have the hours to require another tune up. Spend your money enjoying the boat. Yahoo.gif (JMHO)

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My opinion. I change Oil & filter twice a year. Primary fuel filter (the one near the fuel tank) and raw water pump impeller, yearly. Secondary fuel filter & trans fluid change, bi-yearly. Ignition parts, still on originals (electronic ignition/no points) (How many hours do you put on your auto ignition parts before replacing?) Put a new impeller in. Check the tranny & engine oils, run on fake-a-lake or on trailer as previously posted. Keep a few tools on board in case a hose clamp needs tightening.

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As others have said, buy a fake a lake and run it in your driveway first. if all is well, dunk it.

But . . .

Once on the water don't forget to check the packing around the drive shaft where it goes through the hull. These dry out over the winter and they will leak moderately the first couple of times out. They will always leak but once they have been inthe water a couple of times, should only leak ~1-2 drops every 5-10 seconds (or something like that). Certainly not a continuous stream.

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