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Bildge install question

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Hey guys and gals, I know it's been a while since I have posted, I hope everyones doin alright! I have tried searching, I remember seeing a thread a while back about this but I can't seem to find it so I figures I'd just start a new one. As you know I gave my dad my 2003 Response LX as a "cancer survivor" gift the day he was officially called a "survivor". He is an absolute bad a** on his trick ski, still can rock the slalom every now and then and even barefoots every so often (he used to compete at all three events, he's not but 47 now). Anywho, not too long after I gave it to him we had a drop in water level level on our river and hit a stump, causing lotsa damage. Ended up getting a good portion of the bottom refiberglassed, new strut, prop, rudder and replaced steering cable. Because of all the water that was in the bildge(luckily it didn't go up to the engine, just right below it), the wires for the bidlge pump got wet and while it sat waiting to get reglassed...well let's just say those wires are done and I need to run new wires from the switch to the bidlge area to install a new bildge. I was wondering what the best options for running the wires would be. He keeps it at my house so Ill be working on it tonight or tomorrow, I know they go under the floor but do the enter on the side by the throttle or do they enter to the left(I think it's to the left). Also how do you run them and what's the best way to do this? I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I wanted to ask to save some time. Thanks in advance.

By the way still looking at a few new boats, thinking about getting a vlx or a supra 22ssv worlds ed. I would post on wakeworld about opinions but I know the BU lovers will say supra is crap and vice versa, so it's a waste of time. Just looking for honest opinions especially if you have experience with either or both of the boats/their wakes. Preciate it.

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I have a 2006 Vride and my friend has a 2008 Supra 22SSV. Never boarded behind a VLX but I have spent alot of time behind my Vride and his Supra. Malibu and Supra both make very nice boats and I can get the wake behind my Vride to have the same look and feel that the Supra has (i.e. big wake). Granted that I have to add more ballast but we pull the same tricks and get the same height behind both boats. I would test drive and see which features you like the best. I am a little more partial to the wrap around rear seating on the Malibu. Both are very nice boats. Oh yeah the Supra needs a little more speed to have nice clean lips compared to the Malibu. We both board at 22.4 mph behind the Vride (1300 lbs ballast) and 22SSV (800 lbs ballast) but the kids like slower speeds and the Malibu wake is a little nicer at the slower speeds.

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Preciste it, yea I ride at 23-24 depending on the boat so that wouldn't be a problem, gotta find some time to test drive/ride soon ...

Anybody got any info on this bildge pump install ??

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I'm not familiar with that boat, but I've run a ton of wire in cars and houses. I would recommend diconnecting one end and electrical taping about 8 inches of your new wire to the end of the old one. Then you can use the old stuff to pull the new wire through. Make sure you leave plenty of extra so it doesn't pull too far. Good luck!

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Preciate it man, yea i've wired alot of stuff in my days in cars and boats, but never this route (from the drivers seat under floor to the bildge area). I tried tying and taping the new wire to the old one and pulling it through, its not coming through! i feel like its got a clip (the ones that keep several wires together and then screws down to secure) somewhere but i can't seem to find it. i have pulled the crap out of this thing and it just won't budge! i feel like if i could get the built in cooler out it would give me the perfect access that i need, However, i can get the outter rim off but i don't see how to pull the actual ice chest out. Is it built in to the floor or something? its directly between the pylon and the observers seat. Anybody got any ideas? this is getting frustrated... Its going to end up pissing me off and i'm going to end up taking out the entire floor to run 3 ft of wire! Mad.gif

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On my 99, wires are run inside stringer. Disconnect old wires. Coat hanger, 10 ga wire or get a electricians fish wire, start from under dash where existing wires from dash go thru floor & down into stringer. (mine has a vertical carpeted panel to left of where drivers feet would be, that when removed, makes getting started easier. 4 screws hidden in carpet. When replacing, put finish nails in holes to line up. one at a time, replace nails with screws) If you can have someone work fish while your next to engine with hand in stringer (remove vent grille for access) it'll be easier to know when fish is in far enough. Wires for pump enter stringer thru hole in side of stringer just forward of where grille is. Once fish is thru, tape on new wires & pull thru.

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I appreciate it, I think it's getting caught where it goes into the side of the stronger I appreciate it I'll try to work on it tonight and let u know how it goes.

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Ok so I ended up taking off that panel from there, there is a big hole for the steering cable (which I've changed several times) and I saw the stringer with all the wires but there was no way of pulling them out without pulling the whole thing, so I got some of that black stringer stuff and wrapped it around all three wires and went from the front to the back, well that didn't work, I couldn't get the wires to come out at the back, so I went from the back to front since the hole in the front is much bigger and I could get my hand in it to pull it. And the back hole isn't comfy to be sticking your hand in, I've been diggin fiberglass out of my hand for a day haha. But everythings hooked up and running!

The next thing to fix is the damn depth finder, it started beeping and not working last summer so I just cut the wire for it. Thinking of just getting a new one that's not integrated to the PP.

Thanks for the help!

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