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Feighner dock and lift quality questions


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There are several of us around our lake who are looking at getting / upgrading to new docks and lifts. I've done a lot of the leg work, and am pretty much decided on buying from a company called Feighner, manufactured in Michigan. There is a small local dealer in the area who appears to be a pretty stand up guy. I have talked to Scott Feighner, the owner of the company who also sounds pretty down to earth, and is willing to help me and the local dealer give a bunch of us at the lake a good quantity discount on these products. I am particularly interested in their hydro max II hydraulic boat lift, others are looking at standard cable style lifts.

Feighner appears to be a small company, and I have very limited experience with their products. Their products look well built and solid in person, but I would like to know how they hold up over time. I've done a bunch of research online and cannot seem to find much out about them, particularly user reviews and satisfaction of quality…etc. Do any of you guys have any experience with feighner or any of their lifts or docks? Any info and reviews welcome! Hydraulic lift info also appreciated!!



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One thing to watch in a Hydraulic lift is well up or boat being stored the Hydraulics should be in the cylinder as they will not be exposed to water. more of the Hydraulic lifts are made that have the cylinders out so the chrome is exposed to the water most of the time.

What is the weight of hydraulic lift over a cable lift?

(IMHO) a cable lift is easy to repair and no chance of blowing a seal in the water. Also if you blow a seal during the season is a seal available easy. You can find cable most any good hardware.

Hydraulic lifts look good but just some food for thought. I have seen them at the Detroit boat show but can't remember witch hoist they had.

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Chad, Wondering on how you made out? I am looking into getting a lift for the new to me Malibu I own, a 2000 VLX Wakesetter. Shoot me some info if you don't mind. Thanks

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I Live in Michigan and have never heard of Feighner. The "Hot" lift in our area is the Harbor Master Elite. They are out of the Grand Rapids area and are selling like hotcakes around here. I've had one for over 10 years and I love it. If you haven't already, you should check them out before you buy. They also build dock systems as well. Good Luck!

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Thanks Guys! I'm still doing a bunch of research and investigating. Have found some more info on feighner - a smaller company, but appears to be a good product. Interesting info on the hydraulics too, thanks for that.

nvip9r - I sent you a PM with some info, reply to that or shoot me an email with any other questions.

I'm still open to opinions and suggestions, particularly on experiences on the hydraulic style lifts.



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If you want to come out to Michigan and check them out I will put you up and give you a ski. Feighner is maybe 1&1/2 hours south of me.

Have you looked at Floe products they have some nice docks and lifts. I have a company just 5 minutes from me that makes a very good lift but I don't think they are available out of Mich. it's called Midlander.

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I don't have direct experience with Feighner but I did research their product before buying my dock last year. I think they make a very nice product, I have seen it at the local boat show. I have also driven by their factory several times, not a very big place but they always have a lot of product out on display. I ended up buying my dock from another small Michigan based company called Shore Mate, www.shore-mate.com. They had a very good price and I am very happy with the product.

As for Floe boat lifts, I would be wary. I have a Floe 4500 VSD lift which uses an electric motor. I have owned it for 3 years and have had a problem with the drive unit every single year. Always fixed under warranty but still a pain. Their lifts do have some cool features but not if they don't work.

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