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Skiing in Kansas


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Hi all. My family and I will be moving to the Kansas City area (on the Kansas side). I was wondering what the spotter laws were there, and what are the best spots in the area for skiing? Thanks.

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It depends on what lake you are on...in KC there are public Missouri lakes, public Kansas lakes, and private lakes on both sides with their own rules.

Smithville Lake is the biggest lake closest to the city. (Its north of the city 20mins and on the Missouri side). So there you follow the Missouri laws.

Missouri spotter law: (you need a spotter or ski-specific mirror (specifications on site below) )


Kansas spotter law: (spotter or wide angle mirror)


Do you have a lake you are targeting?

Are you looking for a house on Lake Quivira by chance? Thats a popular private lake on the Kansas side...

Look at Lake Lotawana its a popular private lake on the Missouri side...

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also u mite look into Lake Perry (kansas just outside lawrence) ....just as a not SMITHVILLE WATER PATROL IS ALWAYS OUT AND ALWAYS BUSY

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also u mite look into Lake Perry (kansas just outside lawrence) ....just as a not SMITHVILLE WATER PATROL IS ALWAYS OUT AND ALWAYS BUSY

Smithville is completely overrun with Wallys and Idiots; been there a couple of times and I'll never go back. Definitely not much of a skiers lake, waaaay too busy. However there is a ski club there, or used to be, who got out early morning on the weekends with a portable course (one of ours). Don't know how to contact them but if you're going to be living in the northern part of KC that might be worth looking into.

The two best community ski lakes in the KC area are in Lees Summit on the Missouri side on the south end of town, Lakes Winnebago and Raintree. Very active ski clubs with permanent courses on both lakes (again ours) and very good, fairly large, and very friendly and inclusive communities of skiers on both lakes. The private ski lakes that I'm aware of are almost impossible to get into their clubs (i.e. MoKan), or you have to purchase property on the lake which unless you're pretty well-to-do ain't happening. Some of the other Missouri lake communities i.e. Lottawana aren't very skier friendly; lots of boats and not much protected water. If you intend to move to a community lake definitely do your homework if you're looking for good skiing conditions. I haven't been on every single community lake in KC but I've been on quite a few and very few are what I would consider to be slalom course skier friendly. Some won't allow a course in the water at all so research before you purchase property.

If you're moving to south KC (i.e. Overland Park, Olathe etc) and don't mind driving south shoot me a PM. We have a regular group that skis on Wednesday evenings about an hour or so south of Olathe on a city park lake in a small rural community. We throw the course in, ski till dark, pull it and get home about 10 - 11 PM, been doing it for over 10 years. We currently have 3 - 4 boats in rotation so no one gets too many hours on their boat, sometimes we've even run two boats (like a freaking small tournament). A lot of driving if you're coming from the KC area but the people and conditions are worth it if you don't have other options and we've always welcomed anyone who wants to show up, kick in with the work and gas $$$, and ski.


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