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Need some help with my boat


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Just bought a 1994 Malibu Skier. It runs like a dream but some of the guages are acting funny. The fuel, oil pressure, and dept finder don't work. The oil pressure guage works every now and then, the fuel never leaves the full mark and the depth finder doesn't work. They all get power because when I turn the key on all the guages move a little bit and when I put the lights on all the guages light up. I am just wondering why they don't work all the time is the wireing bad? what should I try to do to fix this?

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Intermittent operation sounds like bad wiring/connections. Check those first. Next step...I'd install newer sending units before changing out the guages. Sending units are relatively cheap, just be sure to get the correct "ranges" for the different guages. The fact that the guages light up doesn't really mean anything other than the bulbs inside the guages are still good, but it's no reflection on the operational ability of the guages.

Good luck.

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I have found that the grounds for the electrical system have a lot to be desired. In fact, they suck. Yes.gif

Check your grounds. Make sure they are tight and clean. Especially at the engine block.

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Besides the large negative terminal on the battery there may be smaller one as well, check to make sure it it is connected. My old 92 had a second one, one time I forgot to connect it, (it had fallen down in the battery box) and I had the same symptoms.

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Sounds like a wiring problem where all your gauges are on the fritz.

The hour meter on my 88 Skier just died. The boat has VDO gauges that always worked well. All the other gauges are working fine. I have checked the wiring and nothing is loose. Anyone got any auggestions on the hour meter?

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Thanks guys for the tips I will clean all the contacts tomorrow with a wire brush and get them nice and clean then I will tell you if there is any difference.

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I just had a problem with my gauges not working and I found the problem to be a loose ground wire up under the dash. My temp, oil pressure, fuel, and volts were all reading wrong because of this loose ground.

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Anyone got any auggestions on the hour meter?

Uh, get a new one? :)

You might do a bit of searching, seems like someone here recently had to replace one, and was able to contact the manufacturer to get one programmed with the same number of hours. (IIRC, it was an LCD readout. Yours is probably a mechanical display, but it really wouldn't matter.)

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Well I found my problem(s). All the guages or the connections in the back are loose so they need to be cleaned and re-tightened and after that I hope they all work again Biggrin.gif

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Well I found my problem(s). All the guages or the connections in the back are loose so they need to be cleaned and re-tightened and after that I hope they all work again  Biggrin.gif

How are the gauges working?

They all work great now just because I tightened all the nuts in back its like nothing was wrong now, its awsome the fuel, temp, oil, and battery all work great.

The only one I need to get to work now is the depth guage it just doesn't work nothing except for the backlight any suggestions? I have a feeling the stupid thing just died I mean it is 10 years old. Its a zercom marine depth guage.

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