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Additional Tower Board Racks.. (looking for)


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Now that I have a quiver of surf boards, my own wakeboard, a GF who has a board, a son with a board, we don't have room for guests equipment.. Biggrin.gif (Tracie, I know you guys can relate..)

I'm looking at adding another set of board racks to my swoop tower - preferably ones that are out of the way, or detach when not needed.

I was looking at the skylon skyrack, to have it mounted on the top of the tower.. which would keep the boards out of the way - and offer storage for 4 more boards.


Anyone use this rack? (Michael, is this the one you have?) Anyone mount it to a tower (vs the pole)

Other ideas?

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My thought was the same as yours when I started looking for more room. My first problem came when figured out that I couldn't reach the Skylon rack. On a DD boat it would be easier because you could stand on the motor box. I eventually went with two Air Boom racks, one on each side of the top of the tower. They are removable and can be mounted to the top outside of the tower so access is easier from the side of the boat on the V-Drive. I mounted them on the outside cross bar at the top.

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Anyone use this rack?  (Michael, is this the one you have?)

Yes.gif But it would be a total PITA to use without the mid-engine cover to stand on. If the "pole" piece on your tower is 2.5" we can try mine on it and you can see if it will work. For cosmetics, I'd put another 2 board rack on each side on the lower cross members. More $$$ but better looking.

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Ronnie, you got pics?

You and Michael are probably right... would be tough to get to the boards - maybe I should get out there and play around with it a bit - the one reason I was shy'in away from the lower cross bar (like Tracie uses) is becuase it sorta blocks the visability, and scrapes up the tower, unless you just leave them on.. I'd rather have them up higher if it'd work

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If you get a rack that uses a quick release of some sort to use on the lower crossmembers, that might be the best solution.  That way you can take them off when you're not using them leaving the clamp in place.

Ok - I'll bite... ;) which rack is that? Biggrin.gif

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I use the Air Boom racks on the side too for my Skyskis. They use the same mount and I can put the wakeboard racks on the side if I want. I don't since they are up and out of the way on top. I'll go take a picture. Back in a minute.

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Dang Troy, thats what I'm looking at doing. But I am going with the two racks. One on each side and are removeable with one pin you pull, so that way I can fold down the tower. Darn have to get to work will finish this later.

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Ronnie - thanks for grabbin the pic, what service!!! Where did you get the air-boom racks?

Tracie, thank you for all the links, I'll have to do some poking around.

You guys are great!

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May not be the bling you are looking for but, this is what I use when we have to many boards for the hard racks. Surfboard racks for a car top hard rack, cost about $20 a pair. If we have more than four boards the surfboards go on these, you can also put more than one board at a time in them.

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