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My experience with Malibu Boats and their commitment to stand behind their boats both in warranty and outside of warranty is exactly opposite of what that guy experienced with MC.


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You gotta be really upset AND have too much spare time on you hands to build a web site just to b**** about one boat, eh? Ever read the Supra owners forum (http://supraboats.com/bbs/)? I've seen a lot of the same type problems and bitching there about Supra's.

I must say that I owned a Supra ski boat for 8 years previous to getting my RLXI and I never personally had any of those type problems. Seems that's a much bigger issue with wakeboard boats than ski boats. Hmmm...


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Any manufacturer can have a "schleprock" boat, it's how they deal with it that defines the company's commitment to it's customers. We've had people show up here pissed off, hurling insults, being impatient and unreasonable...though it does sound like this guy tried. The test results showing inadequate fiberglass content should have MC worried should this guy pursue legal action (which I assume he will).

I wonder how the MC Kool-Aide Drinkers are handling this over on their site. :lol: As if MasterCraft would let someone tell the truth about their poor experience... No.gif

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Now I love seeing Mastercraft getting slammed more than the next guy but I think there is more to this story. I would consider Mastercraft as a direct rival to Malibu boats and they both have pros and cons but Mastercraft is still a high quality ski boat and for dash gauges to be lopsided, speakers not working and horn not hooked up, from day one just does not seem right. If I were buying a new boat and there were issues such as this then I would have never driven it off the lot. See how fast a dealer scrambles when he has to foot the bill for carrying costs.

My guess, this guy was pulling a 3 person tube from the tower, doing donuts with full ballast, and hit his own rollers which snapped the tower, jammed the dash gauges and created the stress lines.

I could be completely wrong and hope that I am so Mastercraft steps up and takes care of this guy but something does not seem right after owning the boat for 2.5 years and still no horn.

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I am confused where the marine fiberglass survey comes in. Isn't this a tower failure that did extensive fiberglass damage?

For me I'm giving Mastercraft the benefit of the doubt. They aren't one of the industry leaders by doing stuff like this. I am guessing this is just one of those guys that will never be satisfied unless you give him a brand new boat.

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Hey guys, I haev afriend who has an X7 that has the exact same issues! They did not hit a big double up, and I have never seen them tow a tube from the tower. When the lake gets rough they are usually the first people to get off the lake. Their tower is fine but both sides of the boat look incredibly similar to the boat you are refering to. You run your hands down the sides and it is very surprising to feel how bad it is. Mastercraft fixed it once and within a month it did the same thing.

Like Norcalibu said, everyone can make a "schleprock" boat. Mastercraft so far has refused to work with them on the root cause of the issue, and in fact have refused to repair it again. I am sure there are other boats with these problems out there from most manufacturers. The deal breaker would be how the offending companies will deal with the problem. If Mastercraft stepped up and replaced the boat they would more than likely have a MC owner for life!! Just my opinion, so take it for what it is worth!!

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It's only one side of the story, I've never heard of any company not responding to something like this to save reputation, but it will be interesting to follow up on what happens :)

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you hav eto wonder how the guy knows that he cracked is hull going through the double up... they must have it REALLY HARD if he stopped to check for damage or even considered the "double up crossing" as the source of the damage. I hit big wakes/waves all the time and it doesn't rattle the boat enough to consider it the source of cracks... This guy must have been flying into a wave and everone on board just felt the boat shutter. Clearly a significant impact if you pin damage on that one wave.

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Wow, and I was concerned with a little play in my tower. Nothing like those. Guess it makes me even happier to have purchased a Malibu over a MC.

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I worked with a engineer who had a promo boat and skied for MC. He had some problems with his boat MC took it back redid the gel coat after a Short time the problem repeated itself. MC fixed it one more time and told him get read of the boat don't bring it back. I don't know all the details so won't say much other than he now has a CC promo boat and skies for CC.

I love my BU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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