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trouble removing gearbox

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and have been looking through it trying to find an answer to my problem. My dad has a 2005 21 XTI Monsoon 340 (or at least I think thats what its called) with a stuffed damper plate. I've pulled the engine and trans out as an assembly so I can replace the Damper plate and fix up a few other things at the same time. Problem is the bellhousing won't come of the engine. All the bolts are out and we can get it back about 1/4 inch but thats it. Tried to remove the trans from the bellhousing but have the same problem. I don't know if I've missed something or if the spigot shaft is corroded and stuck. If anyone has done this before and struck the problem and has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated. We spent about 5 hours today trying everything we could think of but no luck. Thanks all......Nick.

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try spraying wd40 or pb blaster in through the starter hole twards the input shaft, let is sit overnight then pry the s*** out of the tranny and bellhousing with large screwdrivers or small pry bars occasionally tapping housing with a hammer

good luck

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well we got the gearbox off today. Had to drill a hole in the bellhousing so we could get a socket in to undo the bolts holding the damper plate to the flywheel. We then spent 3 hours trying to get the damper plate off the transmission input shaft. We ended up having to cut the plate in half to get it off. It seems corrosion is a major killer inside the bellhousing so we'll be taking some drastic measures to try and waterproof it so we don't have to go through this s*** again. By the way, there was only one spring left on the damper plate and some crazy damage left by broken springs. We picked this up because the engine made some crazy rattling noises that sounded like the starter intermittantly hitting the fly wheel. Turns out it was broken springs getting thrown around the bellhousing. Hopefully this might help someone else out.

Cheers Nick.

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Glad I didn't have that issue! Great to see that you figured out a way to get the thing off though. Any idea why there was so much corrosion in the first place? What did you do to counter act it happening again. BTW maybe its just due to the fact that the boats run upside down there!! Tease2.gif

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