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Need MLS for Sunsetter LXI


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Hey I have a 05 Sunsetter LXI and want to put in a center ballast tank. An ideas of which brands work best? Also does anyone have the stock set up that they would want to sell? Thanks for your help

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Unfortunately it's not possible to put the factory tank into the boat after it's been built. The hole in the floor isn't big enough to fit the tank through, so it needs to be put in place prior to the floor being glassed down.

I would recommend a Fly High W842 Gravity Games Edition Center Sac for your boat, and the appropriate fittings and connectors for plumbing the system in if you want it to be automated.

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I wouldn't recommend a sac that's that long. You're gonna have a tough time getting it in and out of the locker for drying.

Also, just because that sack is huge, doesn't mean you're going to completely fill it with water, you're limited to the interior volume of the ski locker itself.

I'd recommend a Pro X Series Rear Seat Sac - W705, it will fill the space nicely.

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Pete, have you actually measured the locker in the last model Sunsetter LXi? I haven't, but I know that the locker in most 21' Malibu's is over 80 inches long. That leaves quite a bit of the locker unfilled if you use a Tube Sac or Rear Seat Sac?

Also, with Quick Connect fittings and the plug in the back wall of the locker, the bag really shouldn't need to be removed very often.

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thanks, is there an easy way to automate the filling an emptying of the sac? also can you use the extra switches on the dash to do this?

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Easy will depend on your experience with 12v electronics, but yes, there is a fairly straight forward way to automate filling and draining of the bag, and the pump(s) used can be connected to a factory switch on the dash for a factory look. Do some searching or shoot me a message if you're interested in more information.

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Hey Jason,

I'm assuming the ski locker is roughly the same size as my 2000 WS VLX.

I have measured it and after about 60" forward of the little wall, the taper of the bow is dramatic and the volume closes in really fast. The depth was ~15" and the width was exactly 26" IIRC.

I'm in the habit of pulling my sac out (no pun intended) anytime I put the boat down for more than a month. (which is after every use) Water will get in there and under the sack one way or another and I don't like stuff growing under the sack. But, to each their own.

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Thanks for the info Pete, as usually, you're right on with your recommendation of the Rear Seat Sac if the locker is the same size.

I hate it when stuff grows under my sack too, so I don't blame you for pulling it out. :)

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JUST FYI The OEM factory 500lbs MLS bag is still available from Malibu, so if you can't find a bag that fits right, the factory bag is a option still.

We use the factory bag for aftermarket installs in ski lockers with no complaints from Bake's or from customers that use them.


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The factory sack is a good one, especially with the cover on it. Only two problems with it.

1) It certainly will not give you 500# in the ski locker. I've measured the volume of water that the ski locker can hold at max capacity at two totally separate times and it's more like 350#.

2) The blue water bed fittings are really old skool. Even though I never had a problem with mine, lots of people say they tend to leak.

See post #10 here.

And, here's where I did an actual measurement.

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I think a Fly High bag is a better choice than the OEM one, they includes better fittings, doesn't allows water to get trapped between the outer layer and inner bladder, and I would guess are quite a bit cheaper.

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